Hospitals and Cost of Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction in United Arab Emirates


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Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction in U.A.E

ACL Reconstruction Surgery in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E)

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament is a rope-like structure located at the center of the knee and is one of the major ligaments that stabilize the knee. The tearing of this ligament causes instability in the knee, which is when the need for a surgical procedure arises. The ACL reconstruction surgery is the surgical procedure conducted to eliminate the instability and discomfort in the knee. The surgery is arthroscopic in nature, wherein the ruptured ligament is replaced with a graft which is obtained from the patella tendon or the hamstring tendon. People who are active in sports that require twisting and running often come across a ruptured ligament, which, if not taken care of, can require an ACL reconstruction surgery.

The technological advancements in the present era have made such comprehensive procedure much easier, with minimal incisions. The minimally invasive techniques have caused a huge change over the last decade, focused on improving the quality of life of the patients. While there are many countries that offer ACL reconstruction, UAE has emerged as a medical hub, thanks to its highly qualified surgeons and therapists, state-of-the-art technology and internationally accredited medical centers. A large number of patients travel overseas for this surgery, owing to its quality of treatment and cost-effective nature. An ACL reconstruction surgery in Dubai is one of the most popular and successful treatments in the country, offering people a better quality of life.

Cost Comparison

The ACL reconstruction surgery cost in Dubai is quite manageable when compared to other parts of the world. The following table shows the cost comparison of this treatment across various nations.



  1. USA

$ 20000

  1. Singapore

$ 9300

  1. Norway

$ 11000

  1. Turkey

$ 9700

  1. UAE

$ 8900

It is clear from the above table that UAE reflects the lowest cost of the treatment, with other nations offering the same at quite high rates. A lower cost, however, doesn’t degrade the quality of the treatment being provided. With globally accredited hospitals, highly qualified doctors and up-to-date equipment, Dubai is one country people migrate to, for a healthier way of life.

22 Clinics For Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction in United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates




Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction in NMC Speciality Hospital: Costs, Top Doctors, and Reviews
  • Joint Commission International, or JCI
Established in 2004, NMC Speciality Hospital Dubai is a multispecialty hospital providing quality and trusted healthcare services to the people of Dubai and the Northern Emirates. The hospital strives to make every patient’s experience welcoming and comfortable. The hospital has made a strategic partnership with Germany& prestigious Universitats Freiburg Klinikum and has tied-up with leading international hospitals for advanced medical treatment that is not available locally.The hospital also has a well-equipped laboratory that offers extensive investigative facilities supported by a centralized computerized system. The hospital has tied up with Biomnis, France for rare investigations and tests that are not performed… Read More

Dubai, United Arab Emirates




Medeor Hospital combines medical dominance with 5-star hospitality and brings first-class care with privilege that patients need. Hospital believes that patients require more than just treatment, they want greater attention and personalised care. At Medeor hospital, they go far away from the ordinary and offer the patients with the best in expert medical care plus amazing hospitality. The grace and advantages of premium, the luxury facility will surpass patient expectations, and also the hospital’s code and science behind the healing will offer medical attention that is second to none in the entire district. The team of caregivers are chosen from… Read More

Dubai, United Arab Emirates




In the year 1992 with the noble vision of Dr. Zulekha Daud who shifted her base from India to Sharjah in order to serve people who are in need at an affordable cost, Zulekha Healthcare Group was established. She later established a hospital in Dubai too and Zulekha Dubai is now true to its mission of serving the suffering and the ailing. It is a multidisciplinary hospital with advanced diagnostic centers and well-equipped pharmacies. In the year 2004, the Dubai hospital saw its inception. It has facilities for both inpatient and outpatient care. They cover medical packages and many surgical… Read More

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates




NMC Royal Hospital in Abu Dhabi is the UAE & largest private healthcare facility. It is committed to providing high-quality and compassionate care to patients. Their approach to healthcare is patient-centric, focused on the concepts of short stay to reduce the costs whilst practising tried and tested medicine over surgical options wherever possible. Considered as the hospital of tomorrow, the majestic 75000 sq. meter NMC Royal Hospital will be the first of its kind in the private sector to offer a continuum of care for its patients besides providing world-class emergency, critical and acute cardiovascular care. NMC Royal hospital is… Read More

Dubai, United Arab Emirates




Aster DM Healthcare in Dubai is one of the pioneering names in the field of healthcare in the UAE as well as the adjoining regions. This healthcare enterprise has successfully established itself as a trusted entity and offers a spectrum of healthcare services. From liver transplant to liposuction and heart surgery, this healthcare giant offers services in all segments and specialities. It is also into pharmacy and diagnostics. With a diversified portfolio, it has been doing a commendable job in all the fields and continuously setting new benchmarks. With around 20,000 personnel working for it, Aster DM Healthcare in Dubai… Read More

Dubai, United Arab Emirates




Prime Hospital in Dubai is one of the well-known hospitals in the city. Situated on the Airport Road at Al Garhoud, it is easily accessible from all locations of Dubai. It attracts visitors seeking health care from other countries as well. Started in 1999, the hospital has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 18 years. Today, it has advanced equipment, best surgeons and doctors, highly-trained medical and management staff, world-class operation theatres, and most of all, the global stamp of gold standard for patient care. Accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) of the US for following high-quality and… Read More

Dubai, United Arab Emirates




A part of the prestigious Thumbay Group, Thumbay Hospital in Dubai is known for offering world-class healthcare and medical facilities to people from across the globe. Guided by the commitment to give high quality and cost-effective services, the hospital has a global outreach. It caters to patients from 175+ countries and has doctors and medical staff from 20 different nationalities. Expert in their respective fields, the doctors treat patients with the latest equipment and the treatment takes place in a friendly and comfortable environment. Accredited by the International Hospital Federation, International Board of Medicine & Surgery, Medical Tourism Association, and… Read More

Dubai, United Arab Emirates




Saudi German Hospital is one of the largest private hospitals belonging to the SGH Group which is the largest healthcare provider in MENA region. The group operates own hospitals in the region with cooperation with numerous German medical schools and faculties. SGH Dubai offers a range of comprehensive healthcare packages to suit the needs of individuals and their families. SGH Dubai, in recognition of its high healthcare standards, has all major international accreditations and certifications to its name like JCI, CAP, ISO etc and has awarded the most trusted healthcare brand by Global Brands Magazine. Facilities:- 37 ICU Beds,21 NICU,11… Read More


When is ACL reconstruction surgery required?

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament surgery is common among people who are actively engaged in sports. The ACL is nothing but a band in the knee. This band gets stretched or torn when a person turns sharply or moves suddenly while performing sports activities like running or jumping. The ACL is responsible for maintaining the stability of the knee. If it is stretched or torn, the knee’s steadiness gets affected to a considerable extent. The symptoms of a ruptured ACL are clear, such as difficulty in walking, excruciating pain in the knee, and trouble while putting pressure on the knee.

If the ACL has been severely damaged, and cannot be treated through medication or physiotherapy, then doctors recommend an ACL reconstruction surgery. During the surgery, tiny incisions are made in the knee, and small tools and a camera are inserted. Through the camera, the damage is accessed, and the torn ACL is replaced with a tendon. The tendon is usually taken from other parts of the body, such as the knee, thigh or hamstring; or is used from a deceased donor. The tendon placed within the knee is called the graft. This graft is drilled on the knee, for the ligament to heal. The healing process takes months for a new ACL to develop.

What is the average cost of ACL reconstruction surgery in UAE?

Dubai is known for providing quality healthcare at affordable costs. An ACL reconstruction surgery cost in UAE costs around $8900, with surgery conducted at some of the best medical centers in the country, including aftercare. The ACL surgery is minimally invasive and much less painful than its former counterpart, i.e. open knee surgery. If a comparison is made with other developed nations, the cost is quite nominal and doesn’t burn a hole in the patient’s pocket. The affordability of the treatment is one of the main reasons why people want to visit Dubai to avail of the treatment.

What is the success rate of ACL reconstruction surgery in Dubai?

An ACL reconstruction is a procedure that requires attention and extensive aftercare. Being common among sportspersons, ACL is something that takes time to heal. Dubai, as a medical destination, has been quite successful in providing quality treatments, through its doctors, staff, and equipment. Open to technological change, the country adopted the minimally invasive techniques of ACL reconstruction, registering a whopping success rate of 95% per year. The success of the treatment through a professional yet personalized approach is why people migrate to Dubai to enhance their quality of life.

Which are the top hospitals for ACL reconstruction surgery in UAE?

An ACL reconstruction surgery in UAE is popular for a variety of reasons, one of them being the quality of medical centers. Dubai encompasses some of the best hospitals for ACL reconstruction, housing a highly professional medical staff. Not only the patient is given the best treatment but is provided satisfactory aftercare as well. The hospitals and medical centers in UAE are accredited by the Joint Commission International, a regulatory body that acts towards ensuring the quality of care provided to patients. A friendly staff, professional doctors and quality care are some factors that make the patient’s visit worth it. Here are some of the best hospitals in Dubai that the patients can approach:

  • Al Zahra Hospital, Dubai, UAE

  • Zulekha Hospital, Dubai, UAE

  • Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, UAE

  • Canadian Specialist Hospital, Dubai, UAE

  • Thumbay Hospital, Dubai, UAE

Who are the top doctors and surgeons for ACL reconstruction surgery in UAE?

The doctors in the UAE are one of the main reasons why patients prefer Dubai as their medical destination. Providing quality healthcare, these doctors are globally certified and are fully aware of the latest technology that governs the medical space. They have been felicitated with awards and recognition, which are a result of their hard work, professionalism, and quality of treatment provided to the patients. Here is the list of the top doctors for an ACL reconstruction in UAE:

  • Dr. Srikanth Varma Racherla, Zulekha Hospital

  • Dr. Chidananda P. Shivashankar, Zulekha Hospital

  • Dr. Ali Albakri, Al Zahra Hospital

  • Dr. Ahmed Labib, Al Zahra Hospital

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