Netcare Linksfield Hospital

Netcare Linksfield Hospital

Johannesburg, South Africa

    Profile (Overview)

    Netcare Linksfield Hospital started its operations in 1991 and has been offering a wide range of medical treatment services to its patients. It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment with highly skilled professional staff, nurses, and doctors working around the clock to deliver the best treatment to its patients.

    The hospital is a multispecialty facility that can provide advanced cardiac, ENT, pulmonology, and orthopedic treatment to patients. The hospital has a vast team of 14 orthopedic surgeons that offer robotic joint replacement surgery and also provide specialized treatment of osteomyelitis (bone infection).

    The strategic location of the hospital is convenient for the patients arriving in Johannesburg to travel to. The hospital is quite famous for orthopedic treatment and can handle even the most complicated cases of bone infection and assist people requiring knee replacement and hip replacement surgery. The facility for the treatment of sports injuries such as ACL and MCL is also available.

    Facilities Provided:
    • family accomodation Accommodation
    • flight booking Airport Transfer
    • special dietery food Choice of Meals
    • interpreter services Interpreter

    Hospital (Infrastructure)

    • Orthopedic Unit with biokinetic center (14 orthopedic surgeons)
    • Cardiology Unit with interventional catheterisation laboratory and dedicated cardiac theatre (specialist cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons)
    • Head and Neck Unit for Holistic Treatment (comprised of ENT and maxillo-facial specialists, radiologists, oncologist and a dietician)
    • Clinical Decision
    • Intensive Care Unit
    • Discharge lounge
    • Support Care Ward
    • Cardiac and Laminar theatres
    • Renal Dialysis Unit
    • Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory
    • Sports Orthopedic Center
    • Cochlear implant center
    • Sports Orthopaedic Center
    • Sleep Laboratory
    • 24-hour Emergency Department with accredited level 3 Trauma unit
    • In-house Pharmacy

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    Offered Procedures

    • Brachial Plexus Injuries/Stereotactic Procedures
    • Ankle Fusion Surgery
    • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction
    • Bow Leg Correction
    • Knee Arthroscopy
    • Meniscus Repair
    • ORIF
    • Shoulder Arthroscopy
    • Shoulder Replacement
    • Total Hip Replacement B/L
    • Total Hip Replacement U/L
    • Total Knee Replacement B/L
    • Total Knee Replacement Surgery U/L

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    Orthopedic Surgeon

    1 Doctors

    Dr. Chris McCready
    Dr. Chris McCready

    Doctor - Orthopedic Surgeon

    Johannesburg, South Africa

       20 Years

    Dr.Chris McCready is a specialized Orthopedics Specialist. And one of the most sought after medical specialists in South Africa. The doctor has 20 Years of experience and is associated with , one of the best hospitals in South Africa. View bio



    Which are the most popular procedures in Netcare Linksfield Hospital?
    Netcare Linksfield Hospital located in South Africa provides services in a vast number of fields. The services offered are guided by exceptionally proficient physicians and surgeons. The most popular procedures offered in Netcare Linksfield Hospital are in the field of
    What diagnostics and tests are available in Netcare Linksfield Hospital?
    The Netcare Linksfield Hospital located in South Africa is known for the variety of diagnostic approaches available for the candidates to choose from. Apart from the generalized diagnostics test provided like Blood Tests, X-Ray, Echo and Cardiac related tests, the hospital also performs various forms of cosmetic surgery procedures, cancer treatment, transplantation treatments, ophthalmology as well as orthopaedic and paediatric treatments. The treatments offered are thoroughly well-curated so that every candidate is offered a distinguished treatment procedure.
    What facilities are available in Netcare Linksfield Hospital?
    Apart from in-detail treatment procedures available, Netcare Linksfield Hospital has a wide variety of facilities available for International Patients. Following are some of the procedures which are provided by them: Accommodation, Airport Transfer, Choice of Meals, Interpreter
    Which Doctors are the most popular in Netcare Linksfield Hospital?
    Netcare Linksfield Hospital flaunts a decorated list of physicians and surgeons. The medical professionals operating here are known for excellency in their respective fields. Some of the most popular doctors in the hospital from various fields are:
    • Dr. Chris McCready, Orthopedics Specialist - Sports Medicine Specialist, Orthopedic Surgeon


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