Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction cost in Czechia

ACL Reconstruction Surgery in the Czech Republic

ACL or anterior cruciate ligament surgery is a surgery performed to cure ACL injuries. ACL injuries are common in sportspersons and require immediate medical attention because the damage is very painful and does not heal on its own. ACL injuries may occur due to stopping suddenly while running or taking sharp turns. The injury can be classified into contact and Non-contact ACL injury. Sometimes a person gets his knee injured upon collision with an object or another person. The damage can be much higher in these cases than in the Non-contact ACL. The anterior cruciate ligament is a tough muscle tissue that supports the knee and keeps it stable.

The possibility of ACL surgery also depends on your gender. ACL injuries in females are much higher than males, almost 4-6 times higher to be precise. This phenomenon exists because females have a larger Q angle and higher hormonal diversity and misbalance than males.

In ligament injuries, the best treatment is to redraw and reconstruct the damaged part of the ligaments. The doctors give high priority to reconstruction surgeries in case of ACL injuries too. Reconstruction surgery is a permanent and more assuring treatment process. The pain is eliminated, and the newly reconstructed ligament is as good as an old undamaged one. The injury can be treated with a long-drawn course of physical therapy involving mild exercises and massages. But it takes a long time and is only suitable for people who are more inactive.

If a person is a sportsman and wants to continue playing, then reconstruction surgery is the right treatment. Also, in cases when damage is serious and involves several ligaments, therapy may not work. Doctors use their best judgement based on the reports to choose the right method of treatment.

Doctors perform arthroscopic surgery on ACL injuries. This surgery involves inserting cameras inside your knee to perform the delicate tasks accurately. Doctors remove the damaged tissue from the injured knee and insert a new tissue in place of a damaged one. The tissues are then replaced with an aim to make the knee stable again. The newly inserted tendon inside the knee is known as a graft. The graft acts as a supporting bridge and facilitates the growth of a new natural ligament.

ACL surgeries are common in every nation and have grown in demand over the last few years, with an increased passion for sports among several individuals. The surgery requires intricate tools and skill set to place the graft properly in the patients. So, you must look for a good clinic for having your knee back to normal. The reconstruction process takes some time, and you will need to rest for a while in the hospital. Therefore, having a hospital with good facilities and satisfactory customer interaction should be the priority. If you live around the Czech Republic or can travel to the country at reasonable costs, then it is a great option to consider ACL reconstruction surgery. There are several reasons to choose the Czech Republic over many other European and North American countries. The costs of treatment in the Czech Republic are controlled and low, which is a good reason if you are low on budget. The reduced prices, however, do not show a reduced quality of treatment and services in hospitals of the Czech Republic. The country has some of the finest doctors of the European continent. There are many leading hospitals specializing in orthopedic and endoprosthetic surgeries in Czechia. Not all of these hospitals are ready to receive international patients yet.

There are 28 prospecting hospitals in the country that provide services in foreign languages and treat patients from all around the world effectively. The international hospitals in the Czech Republic work with the aim of keeping the patients satisfied and serving them with maximum efforts, no matter where the patients come from.

Cost Comparisons

The costs of treatment in the country are very low when compared to other European nations. The Czech Republic is known for its lost cost economy, and the same stands true in health services too. The costs of reconstruction surgery start from around 8000 Euros in Germany and Switzerland. While in Czechia, the ACL Reconstruction treatments start as low as 5000 Euros. This cost is almost half the cost of other European countries. Moreover, the services are just as good as the other countries. With well-known doctors and hospitals in the country, Czech is among the best locations for orthopedic treatments.

The costs vary within the country from hospital to hospital. Privately owned hospitals are generally more costly than government hospitals. However, their services are also better than government hospitals.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

1 Day in Hospital

14 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 5800


About the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction refers to the replacement of the damaged ACL with a tissue to facilitate normal functioning of the knee. ACL is a major stabilizing ligament in the knee, which connects the femur to the tibia. ACL helps provide proper movement of the tibia. ACL also facilitates pivoting or sudden change in the direction of the leg, preventing the damage to the knee.


Damage to the ACL Surgery 

The ACL can be injured in different ways, thus warranting a need for ACL repair. The following scenarios may damage the ACL:

  • Collision with a football
  • Slowing down while running
  • Landing incorrectly after a jump
  • Twisting of the knee and the foot in opposite direction


Initial Treatment for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear

The ACL may not require surgery when the knee is stable when the ligament is not torn completely, or even when you don’t have to strain your knees by active sports. The alternate treatment in such a situation is “RICE” – Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

Physiotherapy, exercise, and braces for legs can help provide support to the knee. Exercises such as swimming, running in a straight line, and playing golf can be preferred by active individuals if they do not wish to return to an active sports life.

How is Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction performed?

General anaesthesia or local anaesthesia will be given before ACL reconstruction surgery. The tissue to replace the damaged ACL will be taken from the kneecap or hamstring tendons of your body, or from a donor. The surgery is usually performed with the help of knee arthroscopy.

ACL repair involves the use of a camera inserted into the slit made in the knee. A computer connected to the camera facilitates viewing of the inner ligament, by which the physician can perform the surgery. Other incisions are made to incorporate the required equipment and then the ACL reconstruction surgery is performed.

  • The torn ligament is removed with the shaver.
  • If the patient’s tissue is used, the surgeon would make a larger cut and remove the tissue.
  • The knee bone is drilled and the tendon is now implanted into the position where the old ACL was present.
  • Screws and other instruments are used to attach the new tendon to the bone.
  • The bone tunnels would gradually fill in as the bone grows, which holds the ligament in place.
  • Small incisions made in the area of the surgery are closed with sutures and sterile dressing.

Recovery from Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction

You will be sent home on the same day of the surgery. You will be instructed to use knee braces or crutches after one to four weeks of the surgery. The physician prescribes pain medications if required. Physiotherapy could help retain the integrity of the knee faster.

  • It may take a minimum of 6 months for any individual to recover after the surgery, depending on the individual’s rate of recovery.
  • If pain and swelling are observed, an ice pack can be applied over the area. But there should be no direct contact between the ice with the skin as it can cause damage to the skin.
  • You should follow the physician’s recommendations to recover soon and without any complications.
  • People who have a desk job can return to their duties in a week’s time and people involved in active exercises or who are athletes should avoid returning to their work for a minimum of six months.
  • Playing sports such as basketball after the surgery might not be possible and physician’s advice is recommended. 


  • Fast recovery
  • Pain relief
  • Normal working of the knee
  • Returns stability of the knee


  • Blood clot in the legs
  • Weakening of the knee
  • Failure of relief from pain
  • Stiffness in the knee
  • Limited movement of the knee
  • Tear in the newly transplanted tendon

Patient Stories

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best candidate for ACL reconstruction surgery in the Czech Republic?

Reconstruction surgery is one of the treatment options for ACL injuries. Injuries can also be treated with less invasive methods if the damage is minor. You are a good candidate for ACL reconstruction surgery if the damage is high, physiotherapy and rehabilitation is not working, there is severe and unbearable pain and when you are an active individual and want to get back to daily activities quickly. ACL surgery from the Czech Republic is only right if you live in nearby countries and can travel conveniently to the location. The travel expenses will add up to the costs, so you should either be financially prepared or look for other alternatives if the Czech Republic is too far.

What is the average cost of ACL reconstruction surgery in the Czech Republic?

The average costs of ACL reconstruction surgery are lower than those of other countries. Considering both high-end and low-end hospitals, Thee surgery costs can range anywhere between USD 6000 and USD 8500. This cost varies between hospitals based on their expertise and facilities. A leading orthopedic hospital of Czech Republic is charged as low as USD 6500 for full reconstruction surgery, including the medications after the surgery. Some public hospitals even provide surgeries at USD 4700-USD 6000 in the country.

Why should you opt for ACL reconstruction surgery in the Czech Republic?

The answers to this question have been distributed throughout this article. The Czech Republic is highly advanced in health services. Despite being a small country, the government gives high priority to research and development works. Skilled experts and world-class grafting technologies make the Czech Republic a great location for successful ACL reconstruction surgeries. There are experts in the country who tend to national teams and have long experiences in the orthopedic field. Additionally, the cost comparisons have proved the country as Malvazinky Orthopaedic Surgery Hospital one of the cheapest ACL reconstruction choices in Europe. The tourism industry of the Czech Republic is flourishing, and you will feel at home in this beautiful country. You can go on a nice sightseeing trip after a successful surgery.

How successful is ACL Reconstruction Surgery in the Czech Republic?

ACL injuries are non-life threatening damage inflicted on the knee ligaments due to sharp movements. The ACL is reconstructed by putting a graft in the place of the damaged ligament. This graft supports the growth of new tissue. Everything is simple and straightforward. Almost all surgeries are successful in the Czech Republic. Some surgeries do require a longer remission period. With enough time and proper graft placement, every patient is cured and goes back to a normal lifestyle within a couple of months. Immediately after the surgery, the patient can move freely and even play sports with a knee brace.

Which are the best hospitals for ACL reconstruction surgery in the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic is home to many world-class orthopedic treatment centers. There are some exceptional institutes with experienced experts who perform ACL reconstruction surgeries on a daily basis. One such an institute is the Malvazinky Orthopaedic Surgery Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre. Started in 1999, it is a huge orthopedic institute catering to several treatment needs of patients from all around the world. Their cost structure is also controlled and reasonable. Another renowned hospital is St. Zdislava Hospital. It provides treatment with similar pricing and has amazing customer service as its USP.

Which are the top orthopedic surgeons for ACL reconstruction surgery in the Czech Republic?

The top orthopedic hospitals of Czechia is the workplace to many world-class doctors. Dr. Jaroslav Tvaruzek is a famous surgeon overseeing robotic ACL surgeries at St. Zdislava Hospital. He is known for his accuracy in surgeries and understanding of using robots as an aid to treatments. Dr. BohumilSoukup CSC. is another expert who is renowned particularly for his orthopedic services as a member of the Czech Olympic squad. His achievements in the sports field speak for him.

FAQ's Related to Czechia

What healthcare accreditation standards are followed in Czechia?

With a presence in over 100 countries, Joint Commission International accredites hospitals and clinics in Czechia as well. A not for profit entity, JCI or Joint Commission International maintains the patient safety and healthcare standards for the various healthcare entities in Czechia. Joint Commission International has given its stamp of approval to several healthcare organisations in Czechia for maintaining quality over a period of time. The best care of patients or excellence in organisation management is reflected in a Czechia based healthcare organisations’ certification from Joint Commission International.

Which are the popular multispecialty hospital groups in Czechia?

Here are the popular multispecialty hospitals in Czechia::

  1. The University Hospital , Brno
  2. Malvazinky Hospital, Praha
  3. Motol University Hospital, Prague
  4. St. Zdislav’s Hospital, Velke Mezirici
  5. Bulovka University Hospital, Prague
  6. Charles University Hospital, Pilsen
  7. General Hospital, Jablonec nad Nisou
  8. Canadian Medical, Prague
  9. Teaching Hospital Královské Vinohrady, Prague
  10. Na Homolce Hospital, Prague
  11. St. Annes Hospital, Pekarska, Brno
  12. Šternberk Hospital, Sternberk
  13. Nymburk Hospital, Nymburk
  14. Kolin Hospital, Kolin
  15. Liberec Regional Hospital, Liberec

Czechia is a well known medical tourism destination and the main draw are the many advanced multispecialty hospitals in Czechia. Any patient can get the treatment they deserve in any specialty at an economical price in the multispecialty hospitals in Czechia. The Czechia multispecialty hospitals’ are equipped with the latest technologies which are upgraded regularly so that the healthcare is equivalent to the best anywhere in the world.

Why should I opt for healthcare in Czechia?

The stringent framework that defines the healthcare system in Czechia is the reason that you should opt for healthcare in Czechia. It is also why many entities such as private organisations, governments, patients, academicians, patients, healthcare professionals are confident of healthcare systems in Czechia. You must opt for healthcare in Czechia as the treatment options available in the hospitals and clinics in Czechia are at affordable prices. This is in addition to the wide variety of treatments being performed here everyday. It is natural for any medical traveller to opt for healthcare in Czechia hospitals and clinics because there is a variety of treatments being performed here everyday at affordable costs. It is important to know that you can benefit from a wide health insurance coverage that gives free medical care to Czech citizens, permanent residents, any foreigner working in a local company and European Health Insurance Card (EU Citizens) and Global Health Insurance Card (for UK citizens). Others can choose from travel health insurance (less than 90 days stay) and numerous private healthcare schemes (for over 90 days stay)."

What is the quality of doctors in Czechia?

You can be rest assured of the quality of doctors in Czechia from their decades of experience and training and their education from the most reputed universities of the world. It is well known that the quality of treatment provided by the doctors in Czechia has always had high success rates. The fact that the doctors in Czechia are recognised globally for their contribution to the medical field is testament to their good quality. The efficiency and thorough approach of the doctors that treat patients in Czechia hospitals covers the entire process from the consultation to the post operative care.

When traveling to Czechia for medical treatment, what essential documents do I need to carry along?

Please find below the documents that are mandatory for your medical travel to Czechia:

  1. Passport
  2. Visa for Medical Purposes
  3. Confirmed return/onward ticket
  4. Hotel reservation/Accommodation reservation
  5. Financial means proof like bank statement
  6. Medical fees payment receipt
  7. Medical Report from your doctor/hospital in your country of residence
  8. Medical attestation from your doctor or hospital describing your treatment plan

You must carry travel and treatment related documents on your medical travel to Czechia. The documents that show that your finances can support your treatment need to be carried with you as well (either self financing or through sponsorship and insurance). It is wise for you to be well prepared with your travel and medical documents during your medical travel to Czechia that align with your itinerary and your medical history. Navigating the Czechia travel and medical ecosystem will be a seamless process for you if your medical and travel documents are aligned with what is required.

What are the popular procedures available in Czechia?

The popular procedures performed in Czechia are as follows:

  1. Sleeve gastrectomy
  2. Gastric bypass
  3. Knee replacement
  4. Hip replacement
  5. Microdiscectomy
  6. Spinal Fusion

The trend of losing weight surgically is drawing a lot of medical travellers to Czechia as well with procedures such as Sleeve Gastrectomy and Gastric Bypass becoming more popular each year. Knee replacement and Hip replacement are two orthopaedic procedures which are increasingly driving more and more medical travellers to the hospitals in Czechia. This has happened because of the strides that Orthopaedics has made as a medical specialty in Czechia. Two really popular Spinal procedures in Czechia, Microdiscectomy and Spinal Fusion are drawing a lot of medical travellers to the country.

Is it mandatory to take vaccinations before going to Czechia?

Please make sure that you are well prepared before your travel to Czechia and have protected yourself with the right vaccinations as it is essential to do so. Please find below the mandatory vaccinations that you are required to take when you are going to Czechia as a medical traveller:

  1. Chickenpox (Varicella)
  2. Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis
  3. Flu (influenza)
  4. Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR)
  5. Polio
  6. Hepatitis A
  7. Hepatitis B
  8. Measles
  9. Covid19

The mandated vaccinations before your Czechia travel are either the ones that are routine vaccines and others that cover specifics in age and health hazards. It would be advisable if before traveling to Czechia you created a checklist of the essential vaccinations basis Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a US agency and the World Health Organisation, a United Nations arm.

What are the other facilities provided by hospitals in Czechia?

There are various add on facilities that are provided by the hospitals in Czechia in lieu of making your stay for your medical treatment comfortable and some of them are listed here:

  1. Insurance assistance
  2. Visa Assistance
  3. Local travel and transfers
  4. Interpreters
  5. Telephonic and email consultations
  6. Accommodation related assistance

The international patient care facilities in major hospitals in Czechia are manned by healthcare and administration professionals with long term experience in international patient management. Please be assured that there are international patient care facilities in major hospitals in Czechia which are being managed by thorough professionals in healthcare and administration who have experience of several years. As you plan your medical travel to any hospital in Czechia, your international, local travel and hospital transfer is made seamless by your liasion in the hospital itself, a wonderful facility available for medical travelers who come to Czechia.