ACL Reconstruction Surgery in Singapore

ACL reconstruction surgery is among the highest performed orthopedic surgical procedures in the world. ACL surgery is performed for treating a broken or damaged ligament of the knee. The ACL is that broken ligament, and it stands for anterior crucial Ligament. The ligament is not as strong as other muscles, and its position makes it vulnerable to damage. The ligament cannot withstand strong jerks.

When a person stops suddenly while running or makes a sharp turn, the jerk gets the ligament to its breaking point. The tissue fibers get damaged and sometimes get detached. This state is known as ACL injury and is common in sports. An ACL injury is highly painful and requires treatment for pain reduction and healing. An ACL injury can appear more frequently in females because of the larger Q angle in knee joints and an unfavorable hormonal difference. ACL injuries are not very dangerous but can lead to the end of a bright sports career if not treated properly and in the nick of time.

Doctors perform tests and analyze the injury before choosing the way of treatment. If the damage is low, then there is a possibility that the injury can be healed through regular physiotherapy sessions. The patient is just enrolled in a rehabilitation program that lasts for a long time. This method is cheaper but not suitable for sportspersons who will want to get back to their daily schedule as soon as possible. In these cases, ACL reconstruction surgery is perfect and highly effective.

Doctors can perform the surgery in a day, and the patient is good to walk and run within two or three days. For the surgery, doctors send a camera inside the knee to inspect the broken ligament. This ligament is replaced with a new tendon. This tendon is called graft, and it supports the knee until a new ligament grows naturally in place of the old one. After graft placement, a person can walk normally like before without pain.

ACL surgeries are so common that you can find these services in any orthopedic center around the world. However, surgery needs to be performed with skills and accuracy to prevent any more injuries in the future. The graft placement is a delicate process, and you should choose a skilled doctor for your surgery. Talking of skilled doctors, Singapore is among the best country for having perfect reconstruction surgery. Singapore is arguably the country with the best health care services in Asia. With renowned hospitals who have always worked hard towards keeping up with technology and constant development, you should consider Singapore as the first option if you have enough budget and can travel to Singapore with ease.

Cost Comparison

Singapore is a rich country with advanced technologies and a higher standard of living. Known throughout the world for its environment-friendly approach and hi-tech lifestyle, Singapore is costly when it comes to health care services. ACL reconstruction services can cost you anywhere between 10,000 and 15,000 US dollars. This is much higher than the global average. Singapore, however, aces in technology and success rate. It might lag in terms of cost, but it is right at the top when it comes to the results of surgery. If money is not a big issue, then Singapore is a great location for orthopedic surgeries.

The cost structure fluctuates between different hospitals. There are smaller clinics that provide treatments at global average costs of 6,000 US dollars. But the best of the hospitals may demand a hefty amount of US dollars and one should be well prepared for that beforehand.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

2 Day in Hospital

3 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 19000

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, a good candidate for ACL reconstruction surgery is a person with high ACL damage. If the physiotherapy and rehabilitation program does not work, then ACL reconstruction is the last option. Doctors can also perform ACL reconstruction surgery if the patient wishes to go back to a normal lifestyle as soon as he can. Doctors avoid performing surgery on someone with a chronic disease like cancer.

To be a good candidate for surgery in Singapore, you need to be financially strong and stable. The traveling costs, along with high treatment costs, can be a huge expense. You should look for other great options in the native country if your budget is small.

The average costs of ACL reconstruction in Singapore fluctuate from hospital to hospital. The higher limits go way up to 15,000 US dollars in the country. Some of the best hospitals in the country, including Singapore General Hospital, have costs higher than the 10000 US dollar mark. The country is full of many orthopedic centers, and you can find average hospitals with good results providing ACL treatment services at 5,000 US dollars. These hospitals are fairly good and can provide great individual focus to patients.

The treatment standards in Singapore are high, and every hospital aims to meet the standards set by top hospitals of the country. Singapore is home to many great orthopedic hospitals that are sought by many international patients every month. Many hospitals have special facilities for international visitors like free accommodation and bilingual support. Orthopedics in Singapore is highly skilled with great educational qualifications and experience. While you are in Singapore, you can have a great tourist experience as well. The country is an overall beauty, and tourists visit Singapore for the human-made beauty of this country which is a great treat to the eyes.

The stronghold of Orthopedic services in the country is their expertize and success rate. The guarantee of positive results is the reason for the elevated pricing of orthopedic surgeries. The success rate of ACL reconstruction surgery is 95% in the country. Many hospitals boast a rate close to 100%. The presence of robotic aid for the precision and availability of world-class experts has made this possible. This is the reason hospitals are flourishing in Singapore despite the sky-high prices.

Singapore has several great hospitals that constantly act as healthy competitors to each other. The most famous and reputed hospital in Singapore is Singapore General Hospital or SGH. This is a public hospital providing its dedicated services in every field of medical science. SGH has the longest operating experience in the country with several Asian records in its name. Orthopedic services are great, but the prices are high. Another hospital we would like to mention is The Raffles Hospital. This stands close to SGH in success rate. This is a private-owned institute with around 35% of patients from foreign countries. Raffles have dedicated facilities for international patients with exemplary results.

Dr. Lim Yeow Wai is a famous reconstruction surgeon delivering his services under Raffles Hospital. He has long experience in treating sports injuries and has worked with national and international teams of Singapore. He is a highly respected doctor in the community. Another big name in orthopedic surgery is Dr. Tho Kam San. He works for Mount Elizabeth Hospital, a large and reputable hospital in Singapore.

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