Breast Cancer Treatment in Turkey

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Breast Cancer is an abnormal growth of breast cells, that can be felt as a lump or mass and termed as a tumor. These tumor cells can be cancerous (malignant) or non-cancerous(benign). The cancer cells can spread to the breast, lymph nodes present in the armpits or to other parts of the body. Breast cancer treatment and prognosis will mainly depend on its type, spread, stage and health of the patient.

Breast Cancer treatment in Turkey

Turkey has mostly been famed for its cultural, historical and natural beauties. These have always been the most significant tourist attractions, but of late it has become one of the most explored medical tourism destinations. Hospitals in Turkey offer some world-class medical facilities and use of advanced technologies. Breast Cancer treatment in Turkey performed by some of the most skilled doctors who work along with a team of Oncosurgeon and medical surgeons.

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Breast cancer cost in Turkey along with the quality of treatment and safety measures taken are on par with some of the most popular medical tourism destinations like India, Hungary, Singapore, and Dubai. The cost of breast cancer surgery including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and accommodation is available at almost half the price when compared with the cost offered in US or UK.

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