Let us first understand what is Scoliosis? Scoliosis occurs right before the growth period of puberty. It is the sideways curvature of the spine. There are a number of unknown reasons due to which Scoliosis in the spine of the person can take place. Though it can occur due to cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy. According to the records or studies conducted almost 3% of adolescents suffer from scoliosis.

In a number of cases, it is found to be mild but some were found to be severe as well. And severe scoliosis might lead the person to disability. Scoliosis can affect the functioning of the lungs as well. This can happen because the curve decreases the space in the chest area, obstructing the functioning of the lungs. It is possible that no treatment is required for it if it is diagnosed at an early age and looked after by the doctors. But in cases where it gets worse with time, surgery needs to be done to straighten it. This is why scoliosis surgery in Turkey is practiced at a larger scale.

Following are the symptoms of Scoliosis:

  • Shoulders are not even.
  • Shoulder blade of one side appears more prominent than that of the other.
  • The waist is not even.
  • Hips are uneven, one might be higher than the other.

Scoliosis Surgery Cost in Turkey

The cost factor depends on the severity of the disease and thus varies from patient to patient. Other factors that determine the cost of the scoliosis surgery cost in Turkey are the: hospital’ s reputation and doctor’s experience. An approximate cost would be $110 for consultation and from $14500 to $20000 for the surgery.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

7 Day in Hospital

8 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 15000


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