IVF stands for in vitro fertilization. This is a highly advanced technology that helps childless couples conceive a baby successfully. This treatment is used as a treatment for both male and female infertility. During this treatment, an egg and a sperm are made to fuse in a petridish under laboratory conditions. The developing zygote is transferred to the womb of the mother at 8- or 16-celled stage, where further development takes place.

IVF Treatment in Thailand

In vitro fertilization in Thailand is conducted at some of the globally renowned hospitals. Thousands of infertile couples from across the world choose Thailand as their destination for IVF because of several reasons. First, the cost of treatment in the country and the cost of overall living are quite affordable. Secondly, the best hospitals for IVF treatment in Thailand are equipped with latest technology and equipment used to conduct this procedure. Moreover, this procedure is performed by a team of highly experienced and skilled IVF experts.

Treatment and Cost


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59 Days Outside Hospital

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USD 8000


Frequently Asked Questions

Thailand is one of the most popular medical tourism destinations. The country is hugely popular for critical as well as short-term or non-critical treatment procedures, especially those related to aesthetics and fertility. IVF in Thailand, for example, is hugely popular. There are many certified labs and clinics that offer IVF treatment to childless couples from across the world. The country is globally renowned for it's state-of-the-art IVF labs and facilities available that people struggling with infertility. Some of the reasons why couples should opt for IVF in Thailand include the following:

    • Availability of some of the best IVF centers in Bangkok and other cities
    • State-of-the-art equipment and technology available for IVF
    • Experienced IVF specialists who are well-versed with the new advancements in
    • assisted reproductive technology
    • Plenty of options when it comes to local transportation, stay arrangements, and
    • choice of meals
    • The calm and serene environment allows for relaxation required during the entire
    • procedure
    • The country is overall safe for travelers from abroad
    • The best IVF centers in Thailand allow for preimplantation genetic diagnosis of the
    • embryos in specific cases

IVF in Bangkok is hugely popular among couples from abroad who are struggling with infertility. The city, being the capital of Thailand, is most frequently visited by travelers and medical tourists from abroad.

Bangkok has some of the best IVF centers and clinics in Thailand. The best IVF centers in Bangkok are equipped with the latest equipment and technology to perform advanced IVF procedures, including intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and laser-assisted hatching. Also, Bangkok has a great nightlife and the overall aura of the city is amazing. Because of the reason that it is frequently visited by so many tourists every month, it is equipped with all types of amenities that a person may need during his or her travel, including the availability of cheap to expensive hotels, multicuisine restaurants, local street markets, and money exchange facilities.

Some of the other popular places in Thailand to get IVF done include Phuket, Krabi, and Pattaya.

The cost of IVF in Thailand starts at approximately $7500 per cycle. A typical cycle of IVF usually includes the expenses for a transvaginal ultrasound, hormone tests, ovarian stimulation, fertility drugs, doctor’s consultation until pregnancy test, the harvest of eggs and sperms, oocyte retrieval, embryo transfer, and blood test for pregnancy.

While this is the minimum cost of IVF treatment in Bangkok and other cities, the cost may go up to as much as $15000, depending on the type of clinic or hospital that you choose for the procedure. Some of the JCI-certified hospitals in Thailand for IVF are expensive as compared to independent clinics. The overall IVF cost in Thailand also depends on the city or areas that you choose. For example, Bangkok could be more expensive than Phuket or Krabi or other areas.

Some of the best hospitals for IVF in Thailand are located in Bangkok. It is recommended that one should undergo this treatment only in credible, accredited, and fully equipped hospitals and clinics.

The top IVF centers where one can get IVF done in Thailand include the following:

    • Bangkok Hospital, Bangkok
    • Vejthani Hospital, Bangkok
    • Takara IVF, Bangkok
    • First Fertility Clinic, Bangkok
    • Phyathai 2 Hospital, Bangkok

The success rate of IVF in Thailand is around 70 percent. It is a highly sensitive procedure, the success rate of which depends on a number of factors, including the quality of the eggs and sperms used for the procedure. The success rate also depends on the physiological as well as psychological wellness of the mother who is planning to conceive. There are certain do’s and don’ts that women have to follow after embryo transfer and the overall success may also depend on how well the instructions are followed. While experience and skills of the embryologist and the IVF specialist matters, it is to understand that there are several variables involves in IVF that are beyond someone’s control. This makes the procedure highly sensitive and therefore, the overall success rate may vary.

Hospitals in Thailand have seen an increase in number in the past few years. One of the many reasons for such surprise growth in the healthcare division can be the development of the public health sector which comprises 9,765 health locations along with 1,002 hospitals. As the Public Hospitals in Thailand are operated by the MOPH (Ministry of Public Health), the Private Hospitals in Thailand are regulated under the Medical Registration Division. The treatments in Thailand are also keeping up with that of other major countries all across the globe. As of 2002, the Thai Government has provided a countrywide general healthcare system that covers 99.5% of the Thai population and ensures high-quality treatments in Thailand and affordable primary medical amenities to each and every citizen of Thailand. In the year 2009, the total national expenditure on healthcare was 4.3% of the GDP of Thailand. Due to such medical advancements in Thailand, the country has become the most preferred medical destination in the world providing wide-ranging medical treatments at highly-reasonable rates at good hospitals in Thailand.
The Joint Commission International (JCI) is a global leader in health care accreditation. JCI accreditation is considered a gold standard in worldwide health care. It provides the most skilled and experienced healthcare professionals in the medical industry, as evaluators of the rigorous international standards in healthcare quality and patient safety. Here are a few JCI certified hospitals in Thailand :
  • Yanhee Hospital
  • Bumrungrad Hospital
  • Bangkok Hospital
  • Chaophya Hospital
  • BNH Hospital
  • Ramkhamhaeng Hospital
  • Vejthani Hospital
  • Bangkok Hospital Phuket
  • Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital
  • Praram 9 Hospital
  • Chiangmai Ram Hospital
  • Sikarin Hospital
  • Synphaet Hospital
  • Bangkok Hospital Samui
  • Nonthavej Hospital
  • Bangkok Hospital Pattaya
  • Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital
  • Samitivej Sriracha Hospital
Thailand is gaining recognition for the quality of its healthcare services after the US magazine CEOWORLD placed Thailand 6th in its 2019 list of countries with the best healthcare systems. Thai doctors gain a lot of skills during their course and this helps them practice effectively. Many doctors and surgeons also visit other countries for training and certification courses to enhance their skills and knowledge. Most doctors are exposed to a public and private healthcare system in order to be able to work in any condition. It is a collective effort from all the professionals to maintain the standard of health and Thailand is doing just that.
Currently, medical tourists To Thailand are allowed in from 34 countries. All visitors must have proof of travel health insurance that covers a minimum of US$100,000 of medical costs incurred in Thailand, including medical costs in the event that they contract COVID-19. Under the CCSA regulations, medical tourists have to arrive by air to ensure effective disease control, not via land border checkpoints. All must have an appointment letter from a doctor in Thailand and entry certificates issued by Thai embassies across the globe. People wanting to visit Thailand for medical procedures need to contact the Thai Embassy in their country to organize the visa and paperwork. Thailand’s major hospitals will provide potential candidates with an appointment letter. Permission for medical tourists to be accompanied by up to three attending persons is intended to allow such patients to have spouses, parents, or assistants in attendance during their treatment in Thailand. However, such persons will have to conform to all the same entry requirements as the medical tourists themselves, including visas and health status.
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Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and the most sought - after destination for healthcare. It has more than 10 of the major hospitals in Thailand. The cost of treatment in Thailand is reasonable here. People tend to spend their recovery time in Bangkok as well as it is a beautiful city to visit as a tourist.

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