Takara IVF Bangkok

  • ISO 9001

Takara IVF Bangkok, 4 Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, Bangkok, Thailand, Bangkok.
Thailand 10110


Takara IVF is a state-of- the-art healthcare facility that offers solutions to all fertility-related issues. It is located in the heart of Bangkok. This facility uses the latest and advanced technology that helps infertile couples realize their dream of having a baby.

Takara IVF offers comprehensive and customized solutions to candidates. The treatment plan offered by the top IVF specialists associated with this facility are customized as per the needs of the couples. Several couples from around the world visit Takara IVF every year to realize their dream of being a parent.

The facility uses the finest medical equipment and the latest Japanese technology. A majority of experts associated with Takara IVF are qualified and trained from abroad. All the treatments and procedures are conducted under the same roof and in a totally safe environment.

  • Two-Stage Embryo Transfer Technique
  • Stimulation of Endometrium Embryo Transfer (SEET) Special facility for PGD and Cryopreservation
  • 24-hour air purification circulation system
  • Contaminant-free environment
  • Multilingual staff


  • family accomodation Accommodation
  • flight booking Airport
  • special dietery food Choice of Meals
  • interpreter services Interpreter
  • phone in the room SIM
  • TV inside room TV inside room

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