Varicose veins treatment in Dubai incorporates conventional non-invasive treatment options and modern minimally invasive techniques depending upon the severity of the Varicose Veins

Non-invasive treatment options include urging the patient to follow a healthy lifestyle that includes exercising regularly so as to check the abnormal body weight and avoid tight clothing etc. Individuals are asked to check the long episodes of standing and siting. Use of special compression stockings is also encouraged.

Minimally invasive treatment options are considered as modern techniques that ensures safety and also minimise the chances of recurrence.

Laser Treatments include Simple Laser and Endovascular Laser Treatment

  • Simple Laser: The light energy of the laser causes the smaller varicose veins that are near to the skin surface to disappea
  • Endo-Venous Laser Treatment: A catheter is used for carrying the laser fibre inside the vein and causes it to disappear. The technique is employed for larger varicose veins of the legs

Sclerotherapy causes the collapse and local absorption of Varicose Vein post injection of a solution in it

Radiofrequency utilises radio waves instead of the light energy of the lasers to get rid of varicose veins

Vein stripping involve stripping the vein out of the body through small incision

Ambulatory Phlebectomy employs tiny punctures to manage varicose veins

Endoscopic Vein Surgery is the surgical option to manage the varicose vein when the other treatment options do not help

Why should you opt for Varicose Treatment in Dubai?

World class vascular surgeons that employ most recent techniques in managing varicose veins constitute the fundamental reason. Patients receive premium treatment at affordable rates compared to US & UK attracting medical tourists from the entire world. Additionally, patients enjoy the comprehensive package whereas no ancillary costs are incorporated whereas the consultation and some extra costs are incurred by patients in US and UK. 

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