Cochlear implants are a sophisticated electronic device, which gives an opportunity for the severely hard of hearing or deaf individuals to perceive the sensation of sound, by bypassing the damaged inner ear. It consists of two main components, an external part that sits over the ear and a surgically implanted internal portion.

Cochlear Implants in Turkey

Turkey which is packed to the brim with ancient monuments and seaside resorts has never failed to impress and is a most hunted tourist destination. With the current scenario, it has also become one of the most common medical tourism destinations. It is a leading destination for advanced medical care facilities, with infrastructure including high-quality medical procedures that are available at reasonable prices. Turkey's government has strict safety regulations; there is easy accessibility to medical facilities and no waiting time. With the availability of well-skilled and English-speaking doctors, qualified from some of the celebrated hospitals around the world, Turkey has an allure for the medical tourist.

Cochlear implants can enhance the communication and quality of life for people to whom hearing aids are of little or no help. Standard care treatment for people with severe hearing loss is cochlear implants in both ears in particular for infants and children who are learning to speak and to process language. People who have cochlear implants have reported improved hearing.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

3 Day in Hospital

11 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 18500


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