A cochlear implant is an equipment which is surgically placed behind the ear so as to restore hearing to a certain limit. This form of surgery is conducted on patients whose internal eardrum is totally damaged and does not receive any assistance from that of a hearing aid. Patients of all ages can benefit from this kind of surgery. At the same time, it requires time and training to get used to the device. People who undergo this surgery reported that they are able to interpret sounds even in a noisy environment. Apart from this, the device helps them understand from which direction a particular sound is coming. In addition to these, they are able to hear sounds over the telephone and can also interpret the sounds from the television. Though the surgery is usually safe the risks should not be forgotten. Placement of the device can damage the internal ear which can leave a person entirely deaf.

Cochlear Implant in Israel

Doctors for a cochlear implant in Israel are highly skilled and are rigorously trained so that they can perform their duty towards their patients. Moreover, Israel is becoming one of the most preferred medical tourism destinations. The clinics for a cochlear implant in Israel are equipped with modern equipment and also provides comprehensive services so that the patients can stay at ease. Cost of treatment is affordable in Israel when compared with developed nations like the UK and US.

Cost Comparison

The cost of a cochlear implant in Israel will cost you between $ US 4700 to $ US 5000. Whereas, the same treatment would cost you nearly $ US 52,100 in the UK. The cost of the surgery also depends on a number of factors like the medical history, qualifications of a doctor, kind of technology used, etc.

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