Hospitals and Cost of CABG - Redo in United Arab Emirates


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2 Clinics For CABG - Redo in United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates




Medeor Hospital combines medical dominance with 5-star hospitality and brings first-class care with privilege that patients need. Hospital believes that patients require more than just treatment, they want greater attention and personalised care. At Medeor hospital, they go far away from the ordinary and offer the patients with the best in expert medical care plus amazing hospitality. The grace and advantages of premium, the luxury facility will surpass patient expectations, and also the hospital’s code… Read More

al-ain, United Arab Emirates




Medeor hospital provides a new notion in healthcare, a multi-speciality family hospital that takes the best values of the hospitality industry and chains it with state-of-the-art medical facilities, hand-picked personnel and diagnostic equipment, to reach new heights in healthcare brilliance. The advance concept behind Medeor hospital is to offer a healthcare service with generosity at its core, in order to increase the level of personalised attention at key points in the client & journey to… Read More

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