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Medeor 24X7 Hospital

  • Joint Commission International, or JCI

Medeor 24x7 Hospital - Dubai - United Arab Emirates, Dubai.
United Arab Emirates 500001


Medeor Hospital combines medical dominance with 5-star hospitality and brings first-class care with privilege that patients need. Hospital believes that patients require more than just treatment, they want greater attention and personalised care. At Medeor hospital, they go far away from the ordinary and offer the patients with the best in expert medical care plus amazing hospitality.

The grace and advantages of premium, the luxury facility will surpass patient expectations, and also the hospital’s code and science behind the healing will offer medical attention that is second to none in the entire district. The team of caregivers are chosen from a group of talented, multi-specialty medical providers, offering speciality care at each stage of the patient experience.

At Medeor Hospital, each patient is treated like royalty and given one-on-one care with attention. Medeor has a complete imaging and diagnostic facility which provides to the patient’s demands and needs as required. Using state of the art tools, the laboratory does all basic blood tests to other advanced studies, with the least patient turnaround time. The radiology department is fully fortified and provides advanced diagnostic imaging technologies like high end 160 CT Scan, 1.5 tesla MRI and dual detector X-ray in order to meet the ever changing requirement of patients and the broader community.


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