Knee Arthroscopy in U.A.E

Knee arthroscopy is a specialized surgical procedure that an orthopedic surgeon uses to view inside the knee joint without making a large incision into the tissue surrounding the knee. This procedure is used for the diagnosis and treatment of several knee-related conditions. Knee arthroscopy is conducted with the help of a special instrument called an arthroscope, which has a camera attached. The surgeons use the images transmitted by an arthroscope as a guiding tool to identify the problem areas and to perform a certain set of actions.

How is Knee Arthroscopy performed in U.A.E?

Knee arthroscopy is a commonly performed procedure in U.A.E. During this surgery, minute cuts are made to insert the camera and other surgical tools. Dubai, being one of the leading medical tourism destinations in the country, play a host to several medical tourists coming from abroad for arthroscopic knee surgery. This type of knee surgery has gained an immense popularity in the recent past because of its minimally invasive nature and other benefits such as quick recovery, minimal hospital stay, and less pain.

What is the cost of Knee Arthroscopy in Dubai?

Knee arthroscopy cost in U.A.E varies greatly from one patient to another. This is because its cost depends on the purpose of the procedure, that is, whether it is being used as a diagnostic procedure or as a part of a minimally invasive knee surgery. Nevertheless, the cost of knee arthroscopy in Thailand is much less as compared to the Western countries despite the fact that quality of treatment is almost the same.

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