Orchid Fertility Clinic

Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Orchid fertility clinic is set in the heart of Dubai Healthcare City. It is an initiative taken by the Anglo Arabian Healthcare, which sets the standards of the best quality of healthcare and fertility care across the entire United Arab Emirates. They provide world-class service and try their best to make the success of the baby birth and provide the structure for the dreams of the hundreds of parents who come to their clinic with hopes in their eyes. The members of the clinic are amazingly professional at an international level, and you can see that the level of fertility care they provide is at its best.

They try to take the best care of the patients, as much of it is possible in all the possible aspects they can, like in the mental, physical, and also the emotional aspect so that the parents feel safe and welcome and the fertility treatments can also be done smoothly and carefully. The vision for Orchid fertility clinic is a healthy, modern, easy and careful approach towards the improvement of the quality of life and also giving the parents and the hopeful people a better chance to have healthier and beautiful babies for the best homes. They want to spread happiness among the families who are in need of it the most.

Orchid Fertility Clinic assures you that they take care of the international standards, and quality, along with balanced care of the most modern technology and compassion, care, and the best fertility expertise that there is. Orchid Fertility Clinic gives the best treatment with the most modern and efficient technology and also an array of specialized lab equipment is provided regularly just for the special services mentioned above. The members also guarantee you the success rate of fertility and provide you with the best treatments around.


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Dr Dimitrios Kafetzis, United Arab Emirates

Medical Director, Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility Consultant
Total Experience: 10 Years
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Dr Partha Sarathi Das, United Arab Emirates

Infetility Specialist
Total Experience: 13 Years
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