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Farrer Park hospital is one of the best and technology integrated hospitals in Singapore. The Hospital has advanced technology and experienced doctors. Treatment for various medical conditions is available at the hospital. The hospital was opened in the year 2016. The mission and vision are to provide the best and fair healthcare facilities to the patients, along with world-class hospitality services. The main philosophy is to go beyond providing the patients with better healthcare services and healing. The hospital treats the patients as their partners in achieving good health for all. It is set up to deliver a fresh approach in all treatment areas. The approach in treating the patients is widely customized. The medical and paramedical staff and the management are working for the comfort of patients, along with providing them with speedy treatment.

Available Treatment and technologies

Farrer Park Hospital, Singapore is a tertiary medical center with advanced treatment facilities. Hospital design and architecture are developed to provide the best healthcare experience to the patients. The surgeries at the hospital are done through advanced instruments, and the post-surgical care is done as per the international standards. Being a multidisciplinary healthcare center, the hospital is involved in providing treatment for various disorders. There are various departments including Otorhinolaryngology, Anesthesiology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Cardiology, Dermatology, Neurosurgery, Diagnostic Radiology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Ophthalmology, Geriatric Medicine, Hematology, Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Interventional Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Oncology, Orthopedics, Intensive Care Medicine, Psychiatry, Renal Medicine, Respiratory Medicine, Rheumatology, Plastic Surgery, and Urology. The hospital is not only equipped with the advanced technology in treatment, but the diagnostic facilities available are world-class. Diseases are diagnosed precisely to provide appropriate treatment. The diagnostic tests available include Polysomnography, Digital Rectal Examination, Pulse Oximetry Test, Coronary Angiography and Angioplasty, and Ocular examination among others.


Farrer Park Hospital, Singapore is Asia’s first hub for healthcare and wellness. The hospital is a part of a complex known as Connexion that also has the hospitality facilities including a spa and hotel. The hospital has 10 floors with 220 beds for in-patients. It also has 18 ultra-modern operation theatres that are linked through fiber-optic connections to the education center and lecture rooms. Because of its new and modern facilities, it was awarded the best new hospital in the Asia Pacific. The hospital has approximately 600 staff members and a 24-hours emergency department. It comprises of Cardiovascular suite, the Surgery suite, Advanced diagnostic imaging techniques, the in-patient suite, Nuclear medicine suite, a Major surgery suite, an Endoscopy suite, an Intensive care suite, Radiation oncology suite, and pharmacy. It also has the facilities of dialysis, nutrition services, rehabilitation center, and teaching clinic.

Facilities Provided:

  • Accommodation
  • Airport Transfer
  • Choice of Meals
  • Interpreter
  • SIM
  • TV inside room

Hospital (Infrastructure)

  • A medical centre is linked to the Farrer Park Hospital Complex, Connexion, Singapore
  • The focus of the hospital is to bring together two essential elements: those of healthcare combined with hospitality.
  • There is a building with 20 different stories which comprises Owen Link, hotel and spa.
  • Personal attention and patient care focus is maintained with a system in place of listening, analysing, evaluating and then implementing a treatment plan.
  • 121 bed capacity
  • Technology and innovations help provide the best of medical and surgical treatment options.
  • Professionally implemented international patient care systems
  • Suites: Cardiovascular, day surgery, endoscopy, major surgery, nuclear medicine, radiation oncology, and inpatient suite
  • Diagnostic imaging and intensive care unit
  • 24 hour emergency clinic and pharmacy
  • Facilities such as dialysis, nutrition services, rehab centre, and teaching clinic

Hospital Location

Farrer Park Station Road, Farrer Park Hospital, Connexion, Singapore

Hospital Awards

  • Best Hospital in Singapore award at the Global Brands Magazine Awards in 2018.
  • Best Patient Experience Award (Private) at the Healthcare Asia Awards in 2019.
  • Best Hospital for Medical Tourism award at the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) Awards in 2020.
  • Best Hospital for Quality award at the Global Health and Pharma Awards in 2020.
  • Best Hospital for Customer Service award at the Singapore Business Review National Business Awards in 2021.

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