Malvazinky Hospital

  • Joint Commission International, or JCI

Malvazinky, Prague 5, Czechia, Praha.
Czechia 15000


Malvazinky Hospital is one of the finest hospitals in Europe in the field of orthopaedic treatment and rehabilitation. The Clinic is famous for high-quality healthcare services and 50% lesser prices than in other European countries. Over 1,200 orthopaedic surgeries are achieved in the Hospital annually. The success rate of the operations is almost 95%. World-renowned sportsmen get the treatment and rehabilitation in Malvazinky Hospital.

Malvazinky Hospital involves of 2 departments that is orthopaedics and rehabilitation. The centre is recognized with the SAK Accreditation (JCI analogue in the Czech Republic), which endorses the highest standards of the Clinic medical service.

It provides a very attractive and reasonable treatment cost for orthopaedic surgeries and orthopaedic rehabilitation treatments. In order to provide the best standard of treatment to their patients only, highly qualified doctors providing their medical expertise there. All of the departments and operating theatres are fortified with the latest technologies that are presently available. The major clinic is an innovative clinic for sports medicine, orthopaedics, and orthopaedic rehabilitation.

Malvazinky Medical Centre has:

  • 189 beds
  • 436 employees
  • over 3,000 patients annually
  • 1,272 performed operations in 2016
  • 95% - the success rate of surgeries


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