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Deep Brain Stimulation in Singapore

Deep brain stimulation is a specialized treatment used for the treatment of movement disorders such as dystonia, Parkinson’s disease, and essential tremors. Recently, the use of this procedure has been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is a neurosurgical procedure that involves the placement of a device called deep brain stimulator, which sends signals to specific areas of the brain to stop the symptoms associated with a movement disorder.

Deep Brain Stimulation in Singapore

Deep brain stimulation in Singapore is conducted across all major neurosurgery hospitals. This is a highly sensitive and critical procedure that involves the placement of electrodes within specific areas of the brain that trigger symptoms associated with the motor disorder. This is the reason why this procedure must be conducted by only an experienced and skilled surgeon. Singapore is known for its brigade of highly qualified brain surgeons who are mostly educated from the best medical universities in the world.

Developed in 1987, DBS therapy is an adjustable and reversible surgical treatment which is performed when medication alone cannot adequately control the symptoms. People should make their way to Singapore if they are facing some serious movement disorders such as Dystonia, Epilepsy, Essential tremor, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, Parkinsons Disease. Singapore is a well-recognized medical destination where more than hundreds of patients have benefitted from DBS therapy. Neurodegenerative Disease in Singapore is nothing new as the country has battled against brain disorders for many years and the war is still in the light. Thus, Singapore, with its modern and advanced techniques, offers the best DBS therapy across the globe.

Cost Comparison

The cost of DBS surgery can vary depending on various parameters such as types of the hospitals that one chooses, and types of battery and devices. The treatment of movement disorder is pretty expensive and often executed by various insurances. Deep Brain Stimulation Cost in Singapore is around $50,000 in private practices where a basic battery last about five years and replacing it costs around $25,000 and the implant alone costs $36,000.

Cost of deep brain stimulation in the USA costs upward $70,000 to $100,000 and sometimes, the expense may go higher according to the patient’s health. Singapore is still considered the most cost-effective than in many other countries. The cost also depends on which type of mental disorder a person is having and which stage he/she is struggling with.

Deep brain stimulation cost in Singapore varies on several factors. The fees charged by the surgeons performing the procedure and the hospital charges are the two major factors. Another major factor is the cost of neurostimulator used for implantation during the surgery. Some of the other factors include the total duration of hospital stay, the recovery rate of the patient, and the rehabilitation required post-surgery.

4 Clinics For Deep Brain Stimulation in Singapore




Deep Brain Stimulation in Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital: Costs, Top Doctors, and Reviews
  • Joint Commission International, or JCI
Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital in Singapore is the latest and a recent addition to the Mount Elizabeth legacy. This is a highly advanced and modern hospital that marks the beginning of a new era in the field of tertiary care medical treatments. Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital features more than 250 specialist physician suites that provide comprehensive tertiary care healthcare to patients from across the world. The hospital interiors have been tastefully designed to provide an enhanced hospital experience to patients, in addition to quality healthcare. The hospital undoubtedly holds Singapore’s reputation as one of the leading and the premier destinations… Read More




Deep Brain Stimulation in Mount Elizabeth Hospital: Costs, Top Doctors, and Reviews
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Mount Elizabeth Hospital is a multispecialty healthcare facility operated by Parkway Health. The hospital officially started its operations in 1979. Since then, it has been offering quality healthcare services to patients from all walks of life and empowering them with an easy access to high-end and world-class diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitative services. The Mount Elizabeth Hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), which is an internationally recognized healthcare facility that offers certifications to hospitals that offer highest standard and quality of care and services to its patients and swear by the patient safety guidelines established by the organizations.… Read More




Deep Brain Stimulation in Gleneagles Hospital: Costs, Top Doctors, and Reviews
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Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore is a multispecialty healthcare facility, located extremely close to the center of the local shopping district. Situated close to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, this hospital is accessed by thousands of patients from within the country and abroad primarily because of its location that can be easily approached by a patient looking forward to high-quality treatment. Gleneagles Hospital is accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), which is an internationally recognized agency that has a strong commitment towards quality healthcare, which reflects in its standards for patient and staff safety. The hospital, through its quality of services, has a set a… Read More




Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkway East Hospital: Costs, Top Doctors, and Reviews
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Parkway East Hospital in Singapore is one of the most established and oldest hospitals in the country. This hospital, located in Telok Kurau and formerly known as the East Shore Hospital, was established back in 1942. Since then, the staff at the hospital has treated and provided healthcare services to thousands of domestic as well as international patients travelling for quality and affordable treatment services. Parkway East Hospital started off as a clinic and a… Read More


Why should you opt for Deep Brain Stimulation in Singapore?

In Singapore, Parkinson’s disease is found in 3 out of every 1000 individuals aged 50 years and above. Usually people with such disease, undergo Deep Brain Stimulation therapy along with their ongoing medication to improve the effects, moreover, it provides smoother gaps between the doses as well. DBS therapy can improve the life of a patient by 13% to 26%, and Singapore, having a large number of PD patients, hosts the best surgical treatment of PD through Deep Brain Stimulation. With world-class medical facilities and highly-trained neurosurgeons, Singapore is considered the most ideal place for Deep Brain Stimulation therapy. Singapore had fought the battle against PD since long by providing quality and effective DBS therapy to the patients.

How much Deep Brain Stimulation Cost in Singapore ?

Singapore, being the most preferred place to get treated for movement disorders, offers the cost of deep brain stimulation around $60,000 in private practices. The noting point here is, the cost heavily depends on the hospitals chosen and the expense may get smaller in number according to the rate of hospital. Also, replacing the battery would cost $25,000 which last about five years. The implant alone has a total expense of around $36,000. Remember, the costs can vary according to the person’s illness and the stage of illness.

Which are the top neurosurgeons for Deep Brain Stimulation in Singapore?

To treat a neurodegenerative disorder, such as tremor, Parkinson, and dystonia, Singapore boasts world-class neurosurgeons that are highly trained and hold a renowned degree in neurology. Every Top Neurosurgeon in Singapore has an outstanding and friendly approach towards patients. Below is the list of top neurosurgeons in Singapore for deep brain stimulation:

  • Dr Ivan Ng Hua Bak

  • Dr Chumpon Chantharakulpongsa

  • Dr Ernest Wang Chee Meng

  • Dr Seow Wan Tew

  • Assoc. Prof. Christopher Ang Beng Ti

  • Dr Pang Boon Chuan

  • Dr Rajendra Tiruchelvarayan

  • Dr David Low Chyi Yeu

  • Ong Peck Leong

What is the success rate of Deep Brain Stimulation in Singapore?

It is estimated that there are between 4,000 to 5,000 Parkinson’s patients in Singapore and the healthcare structure in Singapore regulate in such a way that it carries out the DBS procedure carefully and much intelligently in order to cure PD. Since 1997, DBS has helped to improve the symptoms in more than 100,000 patients with some serious movement disorders worldwide, including Singapore. DBS therapy has been approved for the Essential tremor, Parkinson’s diseases, Primary dystonia, OCD, Epilepsy and holds a highly-significant success rate in Singapore. As compared to other countries, the ratio of performing DBS treatment is pretty higher and effective in Singapore.

Which are the best cities for Deep Brain Stimulation surgery in Singapore?

To treat movement disorders, Singapore offers some highly-equipped hospitals with advanced technology to perform DBS surgery. You can visit Singapore’s private hospitals such as the National Neuroscience Institute which is on 11 Jalan Tan Tock Seng, and another campus is in Outram Road, Singapore. Mount Elizabeth Hospital is another renowned place for DBS surgery which is located at 38 Irrawaddy Road in Singapore.

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