Hospitals and Cost of Deep Brain Stimulation in Israel


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Deep Brain Stimulation in Israel

Deep Brain Stimulation in Israel

DBS surgery in Israel has come in the forefront for intense Deep Brain Stimulation studies. At Hadassah University Hospital, Ein Karem, doctors are performing a drastic investigational technique on severely depressed patients. They felt that this that could offer them a ray of hope after years of being let down because of medicines that don’t work.

The doctors have figured out a revolutionary way, that is, to implant a device called the brain pacemaker, which keeps on sending electrodes into the patients' brains. The first hospital in the whole of Israel to employ this treatment is The Jerusalem hospital. Known as Deep Brain Stimulation, this was part of a global scientific trial being carried out, not just in Israel, but also in several European countries.

Scientists around the world have figured out how to use the Deep Brain Stimulator by having the brain mapped out. DBS surgery is used to reduce the power of various diseases, from obsessive-compulsive disorder to Parkinson's. Trials are being conducted to test the effects of this procedure on a wide variety of other disorders, such as schizophrenia, Tourette's syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic pain, epilepsy, and even Alzheimer's.

Cost Comparison

There are trials being conducted that involves a new type of pacemaker for the brain, specifically designed to read brain movement in real time, as this breakthrough research will help further refine DBS surgery in Israel.  The cost of a Deep Brain Stimulator worldwide are as follows. Price list is placed in ascending order.

India $16,000-32,000

Turkey $35,000-61,200

Israel $38,000-61,000

Spain $43,000-70,000

Korea $56,000-65,000

Germany $65,000-70,000

6 Clinics For Deep Brain Stimulation in Israel




Tel Aviv Medical Center is one of the leading multi-disciplinary hospitals in Israel. The hospital with its modern infrastructure, cutting-edge technologies offering world-class healthcare standards is one of the premier hospitals and a preferred destination for medical tourists coming to Israel from all over the world. Spanning an area of around 52 acres, the hospital comprises of 60 departments across its 5 institutions. Statistics report that the center on average oversees 101,000 admissions, 34000 surgical… Read More

Tel Hashomer, Israel




Sheba Medical Center located in Tel Hashomer in Tel Aviv district of Israel is one of the premier institutes for medical service and education. Sheba is a comprehensive medical centre known for patient care and cutting-edge research in the field of medicine. Sheba Medical Center is a university-affiliated research hospital. With 1900 beds and 120 departments and clinics, Sheba is one of the largest hospitals in Israel welcoming patients from Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Greece, Jordan,… Read More

Tel-Aviv, Israel




Assuta Medical Center is a leading private hospital in the capital city of Tel Aviv in Israel. Assuta is the biggest chain of hospitals and healthcare centers in Israel with four operational state-of –art advanced hospitals. The four hospitals include:- Ramat Ha Hayal Hospital Assuta Rishon Lezion Assuta Haifa Assuta Beersheeba Apart from the above the Assuta group also operates:- Assuta Ha Shalom – An advanced and innovative centre for medical examinations. Assuta Ashdod –… Read More

Petah Tikva, Israel




Deep Brain Stimulation in Rabin Medical Center: Costs, Top Doctors, and Reviews
  • Joint Commission International, or JCI
Rabin Medical center is one of the major health centers in Israel with the use of new technology and highest levels of medical and nursing care. Rabin Medical Center has two hospitals under its umbrella:- Beilinson Hospital Hasharon Hospital Both hospitals of Rabin Medical Center (RMC) are JCI accredited hospital in quality and safety. Affiliated with University Sackler School of Medicine in Tel Aviv, RMC boasts of scientific research and medical achievement apart from top-notch… Read More

Rehovot, Israel




Deep Brain Stimulation in Kaplan Medical Centre: Costs, Top Doctors, and Reviews
  • Joint Commission International, or JCI
Kaplan Medical Center is a flagship brand of CLALIT Network, Israel’s largest health services provider. Kaplan is recognized as the Center of Excellence in various departments including Obstetrics &Gyn, ENT, Opthalmology and Pediatrics. KMC is well known for its life-saving procedures and major advances in medical research. KMC established in 1953 is one of the largest hospitals serving about 12% of Israel’s population. Built over an area of around 98000 square meters, the medical center… Read More

herzliya, Israel




Herzliya Medical Center is a leading private hospital offering services across multiple disciplines to not only Israeli national but also medical tourists from abroad who come to Israel for quality treatment at best possible prices. It is one of the biggest hospitals in Israel with 7 operating rooms and treating around 8000 outbound patients on a daily basis. The hospital employs 350 doctors, 196 nurses including those with advanced certification. HMC’s patient-centric approach, personalized treatment… Read More


Why should you opt for Deep Brain Stimulation in Israel?

Israel has state-of-the-art technology to correctly identify and place the Deep Brain Stimulation at the correct juncture without any faults. Plus the cost is relatively cheaper than in most western countries.

How much Deep Brain Stimulation Cost in Israel ?

A Deep Brain Stimulation can cost anywhere from $38,000 to $61,000 in Israel, but it ultimately depends on the hospital you are planning to admit into. Always ask for a quote from the desired hospital to know the actual costs.

Which are the top neurosurgeons in India for Deep Brain Stimulation in Israel ?

Here are some of the top best DBS surgeons in Israel for Deep Brain Stimulation

  • Dr Jacob Zauberman, MD - Sheba Medical Center

  • Prof. Menashe Zaaroor - Rambam Medical Center

  • Prof. Zvi H.Rappaport - Rabin Medical Center

  • Dr Zvi Israel MBBS BSc - Hadassah University Medical Center

  • Prof. Moshe Hadani - Assuta Hospital

What is the success rate of Deep Brain Stimulation in Israel?

It has been noted that there is a 70 per cent success rate while tested on patients with clinical depression. There have been no negative reports of the treatment not working or having any sort of ill effects.

Which are the best cities for Deep Brain Stimulation surgery in Israel?

Below is a list of cities that offer DBS surgery in Israel.

  • Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv

  • Hadassah Medical Cente in Jerusalem

  • Rambam Medical Center in Haifa

  • Herzliya Medical Center in Herzliya

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