Deep Brain Stimulation in U.A.E

The United Arab Emirates has some of the hospitals with the most cutting edge and latest tech in the world of neurobiology. Not only do the hospitals in the United Arab Emirates cater to patients from their own country, but they also cater to anyone who wants to visit the UAE for special procedures like the deep brain stimulation procedure.  

Cost Comparison

The deep brain stimulation surgery option may sound very expensive considering that a device is implanted into your brain. Well, it is not as expensive as one may be inclined to believe. The cost of this surgery, especially in countries that are quite open to what people call medical tourism is quite less compared to other countries in the west and east. The main cost factor that is to be taken into account is the cost of the device. Considering that the electrical device is to be implanted in your body, it is made of special materials and that forms a bulk of the cost of having this procedure done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Brain surgery doesn't matter whatever the type of surgery is, is a complicated affair. Only surgeons who know exactly what they are doing should be doing these procedures. One wrong move could paralyze you and make you immobile. Thus, only the most experienced doctors must be called in for this type of crucial surgeries. It is not enough that the surgeon has performed this surgery on mannequins and on virtual software, the surgeon must have real-life experience. And this is where the United Arab Emirates shine above most of the other countries. The UAE has pretty much, a lot of surgeons who have performed this procedure before.

The cost of deep brain stimulation in the UAE is comparatively less expensive than other places. This surgery typically costs about 50,000 US dollars. This might seem very stiff, but considering the complexity of the procedure, this price is warranted. Besides, if you add up the costs of your daily medications for diseases like Parkinson's you would still be spending less on the surgical option. Doctor visits are also cut down. Consider this a worthy investment in your health.

The topmost neurosurgeons for deep brain stimulation are all very experienced. They have performed this procedure a thousand times on other virtual means before they even lifted their scalpels. This not only makes them more versatile, but this also gives them the broad patient profiles that they might have to operate on. To say the very least, no good doctor does this procedure without knowing what to so. The size of the implant is just about 1 mm in width. Now with such a small device, you need very high accuracy, one false move could lead to catastrophic effects.

Brain stimulation surgery is performed only with extremely high-quality materials. Also, the environment that the patient must be kept should be highly sterile. The Hospitals in the United Arab Emirates maintain very strict cleanliness and hygiene standards. These standards are comparable if not better than the standards that medical centers in other countries follow. Hence, the success rates of deep brain stimulation surgeries in the United Arab Emirates are very high. There are almost no cases that have had serious complications due to the surgery or surgeon when performed in the UAE. The success of the surgery also depends on the after-surgery care of the patient. The week after surgery is crucial for the patient. The hospitals in the UAE are very serious about this.

The most sought out cities in the United Arab Emirates for the deep brain stimulation surgery in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Not only are the transport facilities, within the city, they have international airports which also cater to patients who are coming in from different countries. These cities also have the highest concentration of established medical research centres.

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