In today's fast-paced world not remembering things, doesn't seem to be a problem to anybody but when these things affect their work then it changes into a problem. This means that it can be a severe problem at the workplace or in the family because this is the starting of welcoming an unknown disease so it should be cured at a right time or will change into an incurable disease called Parkinson. Some might not be able to join the line between forgetting things to Parkinson disease but when the brain starts forgetting things it affects the central nervous system which surely causes this Parkinson disease in which the body will respond later to any minor thing.

Parkinson disease is mostly due to a genetic problem that means if one’s relatives or parents had this disease then there is a 90% chance that it might persist in them too and if not to genetics then it is due to certain environmental factors or when the body is exposed to some pesticides which are the major factor for Parkinson disease.

Tracing back the roots of disease

Especially there is no stated cure for Parkinson disease that state for a 100% cure but there are some chances of curing Parkinson disease with deep brain stimulation aka DBS it’s a neurosurgical process in which there is a stimulator which is deeply inserted into the patient’s brain. The main function of this neurostimulator is that it sends an electric impulse through electrodes which are deeply implemented in the brain and then sends to brain nuclei which are its specific target this is the process for curing the movement disorders and Parkinson disease. Some of the results shows positive response and helped in curing this disease but that doesn’t mean this won’t have any side effects. In 1997 the food and drug administration has approved deep brain stimulation for the treatment of Parkinson disease and this method is also given a green signal for dystonia in 2003. Then after seeing the positive results some also use this treatment for the obsessive-compulsive disorder from 2009. Deep brain stimulation has been proved and studied as a potential treatment for various affective disorders which includes depression.

How does DBS work

The deep brain stimulation mainly has three components the lead, an extension and a pulse generator which is implanted deep into the brain this is powered by a battery which helps it to send a signal to the nuclei at the target site. The lead contains four different electrodes which are placed in the different sections of the brain. The extension connects the pulse generator to the lead by a wire which is implemented safely under the skin which runs from the head goes to the neck and then lastly on to the back of the ear.

Cost comparison

This disease should not be ignored because its surgery costs something more than money that is one’s family and friends so this is not the place to worry for some regular bucks. This surgery is performed in many different countries which comes with different packages this stars from 22k$ the lowest from India and sometimes goes above 99k$ in America so mainly the majority number of people don’t go for lowest and highest either be in between like Thailand or UAE but it all depends on the patient reach so make sure to get all the thoughts and queries in line before opting for this deep brain stimulation in any country as rules and regulation must be followed.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

5 Day in Hospital

10 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 67500

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, the thought of opting for this deep brain stimulation is itself praise worth because people ignore this disease as its some flu but son flu also results in death so never consider a disease small one. As per the costing comes if compared the surgery costing of deep brain stimulation to any other country Thailand stand apart by a big margin. In America this surgery cost around 70k$-95k$ and this is just the starting because they have some process of admitting the patient a long time before the operation which costs more, same for united kingdom they charge around 70k-99k in euros but in Thailand it’s just around 30k-50k in American dollars but this doesn't mean compromising in quality. .

This depends mainly on which hospital one is opting for the surgery of deep brain stimulation but there is not so much difference between the pricing but depending on the pricing the initial services also changes. As per the pricing goes it is around 20k-50k USD.

There are plenty number of top neurosurgeons in Thailand for deep brain stimulation surgery with a reputed degree and track record. They are spread over all the hospitals in Thailand which provide surgery for DBS like in Radiance skin clinic, Phayathai 2 international hospital.

The success rate for Deep Brain Stimulation in Thailand is pretty much more than 80% but the success rate doesn't matter unless the patient follows the prescription and procedures honestly everything is dependent on this.

Mainly there are three hospitals in Thailand which perform the surgery for deep brain stimulants and all of which are located in Bangkok Near the airport. The names of the hospitals are Bangkok Dusit Medical Service, Phayathai 2 International hospital, Radiance skin care.

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