The nose plays a very important role in defining one’s personality. The whole contour of the face changes with a well-defined nose in place. Rhinoplasty which literally means to mold the nose is the cosmetic surgical procedure performed on the nose to enhance the appearance of the nose.  The shape and size of the nose can be changed drastically to improve the features of the face.

Rhinoplasty Cost in Thailand

The average cost of Bangkok, Rhinoplasty in Thailand is USD 3000. The minimum cost is USD 1400, and the maximum cost of a rhinoplasty is USD 4500.

Do you know that every small detail count and even single miss perfection can be the reason for incompletion of that puzzle? The human body is a puzzle too and the body parts are the pieces of that puzzle which when comes together makes that puzzle complete and that’s called the human body. So having even small miss perfection is not the reason to worry because this is an era where everything is possible. Here the talk is about a small miss perfection. Maybe it can be anything like here the stuff which is the talk about the nose, yes this might develop a discussion that why will a miss perfection in the nose will bring one trouble but suppose that someone is taking part in a beauty pageant or doing anything which requires one’s face to show up right when one might consider this small miss perfection this tends to be big but this is not the reason to worry about as the technology is a big thing now.

There is a small surgery called Rhinoplasty from the rhino name one might think that it has to be something big but no it is opposite of what it sounds. This process is also referred to as a nose job in simple language but if it comes down to simplification then the doctors will say that this surgery corrects the nose in a way that it looks like any other normal nose. This surgery doesn't only deal with the problem of worries of what the nose might look like but it also reconstruct the nose fully up to an extent which helps to clear the birth defects or changing the orientation of one’s nose as per the face requirements and also those people who might have breathing problems from childhood due to the alignment of nostrils or the opening of nostrils need not worry this surgery covers it all.

Types of rhinoplasty surgeries offered in Bangkok, Thailand:

There are two types of rhinoplasty surgeries named open rhinoplasty surgery and closed rhinoplasty surgery. Both of them are pretty much the same but used for different prospects like if a person has breathing problems due to the positioning of his nostrils then he will have to go through open rhinoplasty surgery because in this the doctors make a way for the air to entre by removing the extra layer of tissues. The closed rhinoplasty surgery is used when one has to change the way the nose looks this might include widening or shortening the nostrils gaps.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty- This is done when the requirement of performing surgery is next to zero like when the job can be done by adding fillers into the tissues of the nose why perform surgery, so this decision is only taken by the doctor. The doctor is the one who decides whether the nose requires rhinoplasty surgery or the work can be done by non-surgical rhinoplasty surgery.

This might sound a big task to get the nose job done because it includes two big gigantic names like rhino and surgery but the names are inversely proportional to the time taken for this job to get done. Not weeks, no overnight stay it just gets completed in a few hours. They give the patient an anesthetic by which the patient won't feel any pain when the surgery is going on and after a span of a few hours the patient will be having an unrecognizable nose in a good way.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

2 Day in Hospital

3 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 1400

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends only on the compatibility of the person opting for surgery that where one is feeling comfortable on preformation for this surgery.  This is only a few hours job not like the patient is going to stay in the hospital for quite some days. But as per the cost compatibility and availability of top neurosurgeons goes Thailand that tops that list.

The surgery starts from 3K USD and remains somewhere close to this figure but the costing depends on the type of surgery the nose requires like is it for looks or for breathing purpose if breathing purpose then can non-surgical rhinoplasty performed. So based on these the costing depends.

Worries factor should be zero here because the world’s most top reputed plastic surgeons working here in Thailand so based on what surgery the nose will require the surgeons are decided. The surgeons are spread all over these hospitals Radiance skin clinic, Bangkok Dusit medical service, Yanhee international hospital.

There are plenty of hospitals and clinic for rhinoplasty in Thailand some of them are named as follows Radiance skin clinic, Bangkok Dusit medical service, Yanhee international hospital.

Bangkok and Krabi are considered as the first priority for rhinoplasty surgery as these cities have some names of best hospitals in Thailand for Cosmetic Rhinoplasty. 

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