Fontan procedure is a surgery performed in children who are born with a congenital abnormality that leaves them with only one functioning ventricle. This could be due to the absence of a heart valve or an abnormality in the ability of the ventricles to pump blood. As a result, only a single ventricle has to do simultaneous work of supplying the blood to the lungs as well as the rest of the body. The main aim of Fontan procedure is to improve the Fontan circulation so that the single ventricle is able to pump the blood effectively to the entire body and the impure blood to the lungs without any pumping mechanism in place.

Fontan procedure in Singapore

Singapore is highly specialized in providing advanced medical facilities and care. Singapore has rapidly evolved in the technology of medical equipment and its patient-friendly facilities such as translators and local transport. Due to strong back-up provided to the healthcare sector by the government, Singapore has become one of the most important medical destinations in the world. Fontan procedure is a surgery that is performed smoothly in hospitals throughout Singapore. Many patients of with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome travel to Singapore to undergo Fontan treatment.

Fontan Procedure cost in Singapore

The cost of the Fontan procedure involves the surgery fee, the cost of any adjunctive treatments. The cost also depends on the type of medications given, and the length of the treatment. There are several hospitals in Singapore that carry out the Fontan procedure. The cost of the procedure may vary among different hospitals, but the difference is not much. The total cost package for the Fontan procedure in Singapore might also include additional costs such as boarding, lodging, and food.

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