Fontan procedure is a third procedure of the three operations (following the Norwood procedure and Glenn shunt) carried out in children for the treatment of hypoplastic left heart syndrome. It is a congenital (present by birth) abnormality in children, where children possess only a single functional ventricle. As a result, the affected children turn blue due mixing of their arterial (red) blood and venous (blue) blood together. Fontan procedure is a surgical technique carried out to separate the oxygen-rich (arterial) blood and the oxygen-poor (venous) blood. Thus, this procedure helps to separate the two circulations and decrease the workload on the heart, but only one ventricle functions as a ‘pump' (where it drives blood through the body circulation and then into the lung circulation before it returns to the ventricle to start again).

Fontan procedure in Hungary

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Fontan Procedure Cost in Hungary

The average cost of Fontan procedure in Hungary hospitals depends on the qualifications or expertise of the specialist, other procedures performed in conjunction, the extent of surgery needed, patient's general health and type of surgery.

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