Fontan procedure is a surgical technique carried out to separate the oxygen-rich (arterial) blood and the oxygen-poor (venous) blood. Thus, this procedure helps to separate the two circulations and decrease the workload on the heart, but only one ventricle functions as a ‘pump' (where it drives blood through the body circulation and then into the lung circulation before it returns to the ventricle to start again). This procedure works only if the child's one ventricle is strong enough and pumps the blood well, the flow of the blood through the child’s heart and blood vessels must be smooth, not blocked or restricted, the blood pressure in the lungs is lower than his or her body’s blood pressure

Fontan procedure in Turkey

Turkey has been investing huge sums of money in building its medical tourism. Hence, the hospitals in Turkey offer a fair price for the Fontan procedure. The Turkish government has also been taking special initiatives to provide translational facilities to allow proper communication. Translational services in English, German, Arabic, and Russian are provided when you connect with a hospital or a clinic. Due to affordable medical treatment, cheaper cost of living and well-qualified and highly experienced doctors and surgeons, Turkey is becoming an important medical destination in the world.

Fontan Procedure Cost in Turkey

The modern cost of Fontan procedure is quite lower than treatment in other countries. The cost of treatment depends on the type of hospital you choose, type of surgery and any additional procedures that need to be done with the surgery. The hospitals in Turkey start the treatment timely and promptly, eliminating the need for preliminary waiting.

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