The heart is one of the most complex organs of the body. To have it function properly turns out to be quite a task if there happens to be any defect in it whatsoever. Sometimes, in some cases, the heart does not pump the blood quite right. This is a congenital defect and is usually observed in newborn babies. To rectify this defect so that blood flows through the circulatory system just the way it is used to, the Fontan Procedure is conducted.

How is the Fontan Procedure conducted?

A Fontan Procedure in Israel is needed when there is blue blood in the circulatory system. This means that the heart has not been functioning the way it should. To fix it, a wall is built between the right upper chambers of the heart. This wall guides the blue blood coming from the lower body into the blood vessels. Then, a small hole, called the Fenestration, is made in the baffle (the wall). Due to this hole, a small amount of blue blood is allowed into the right upper chambers.

In most cases, the size of the fenestration varies depending upon the condition. Usually, a very small hole is made, which heals all by itself over time. However, if the condition is severe, the size of the hole is bigger, which is later closed shut using heart catheterization.

Fontan Procedure in Israel

The Fontan Procedure in Israel is done under the supervision of world renowned doctors and surgeons and in the presence of world class equipments. With the best in class facilities available, the chance of success in pulling off Fontan Procedures is higher.  In the last couple of decades, Israel has grown exponentially when it comes to offering brilliant cardiology solutions. One could attribute it to the innovative treatment methods and the flexibility of healthcare prevalent there.  In Israel, the medication suggested is also reasonable therefore making it a really affordable treatment solution. Fontan Procedures elsewhere end up being really expensive.

The cost of the room, the quality of the facility and the service offered by doctors, nurses and staff is not compromised even a bit, which is why a lot of parents trust their child’s Fontan Procedure to be conducted here.  

Cost Comparison

The cost of getting a Fontan Procedure in Israel largely depends upon the doctors you consult, the facilities you admit your child in, and the medications you opt for. While it costs around $225,000 for a Fontan procedure in the USA, in Israel, you can get the same state of the art hospital care and capable physicians for far less. Even after considering the cost of flights and accommodation for foreign patients, the overall cost remains far less than most Western nations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from the best facilities worldwide and an elite team of doctors and surgeons always at your side, Fontan procedures in Israel are also affordable and the payment method here stands flexible too. This skill and experience of surgeons and the access to technology lead to a higher success rate when it comes to Fontan Procedures.

The average cost of Fontan Procedure in Israel is hard to estimate considering the varied range of treatment available here. Doctors and surgeons here have such varied experiences that their pricings vary too. Based on the facility you choose the reputation of the doctor you consult and the final medication you opt for would ultimately determine the cost of Fontan Procedure in Israel.

Some of the best hospitals for Fontan Procedure in Israel are Rabin Medical Center based in Petah Tikva, The Kaplan Medical Center based in Rehovot, The Herzliya Medical Center located in Herzliya, The Assuta Hospital based in Tel-Aviv and also the Sheba Medical Center located in Tel Hashomer.

Some of the best cardiac surgeons to opt for in Israel are Daniel Bitran, Gady Keren, Yehuda Wolf, David Luria, Gideon Uretzky, Gil Bolotin and Amir Kremer. These surgeons will offer you the best in class advice, considering the immense experience they hold. They have been in the business for far too long, and there hardly happens to be a situation that they have not experienced throughout their career.

The success rate of the Fontan Procedure in Israel is pretty high. Considering the access to technology and elite team of experts they have, Israel is well equipped to tackle the most complex cases of heart conditions. They have a neat track record of one of the most Fontan Procedures, and that has earned them the stature they now hold in the world of medicine.

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