Statistical reports over the past decade flaunt a record of more than 70,000-80,000 kidney transplants performed worldwide every year. Renal transplants are performed in case of terminal damage to the kidney or end-stage kidney failure. The procedure replaces the damaged or diseased kidney of the sufferer with a healthy kidney from living (mostly) donors. Renal transplantation offers an increase in the life expectancy of the candidate by 12 to 20 years. 

What is kidney transplantation? 

A healthy kidney for transplantation can be furnished either from a cadaveric donor or a living donor. The kidney from the living donor can be further fetched either from the genetically compatible donor or a biologically unrelated donor, as per the availability of the organ. Transplantation is the only remaining option in case of complete kidney failure, due to which, there is an excess accumulation of toxic substances and decreased metabolic activity of the body. The patient shall need immediate renal transplantation in case of unresponsive conservative treatments and repetitive dialysis.

Ideal Candidates for Kidney Transplant 

Candidacy for kidney transplantation is primarily decided before every procedure, to ensure necessary care is given to the ones who are in urgent need. An individual is considered an ideal candidate if:

  • Suffers from terminal-stage kidney disease, or from Stage IV or Stage V progressed stage kidney damage. 
  • Suffers from severe diseases affecting other organs
  • Suffers multiple organ damage, and requires other organ transplantation
  • Suffers from chronic type 1 diabetes, and may require joint transplantation of kidney as well as pancreas.

Factors affecting the cost of kidney transplant surgery

Kidney transplant cost may vary from a fair price of $7477, and may even exceed &17,000. Such high difference is because the renal transplant cost may be affected by a number of factors, such as:

  • The complexity of the condition of the patient
  • The extent of damage and surgery required
  • Number of procedures required
  • Multispecialty hospitality where transplantation is performed
  • Experience and proficiency of surgeons performing
  • Medical and healthcare facilities availed
  • Availability of organ 
  • The country where the procedure is availed
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