A craniotomy is a major brain surgery in which a bone flap from the skull is temporarily removed to have an access to the brain. This procedure is mainly performed in patients who suffer from traumatic brain injuries or brain lesions. It is a highly critical procedure and a patient may take months to recover from it. This surgery is also conducted prior to the placement of deep brain stimulators, which is often recommended to patients suffering from epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease. This procedure has a wide range of other applications as well such as brain imaging and electrical stimulation.

Craniotomy in Singapore

A craniotomy is a highly sensitive procedure that is performed in some of the top neurosurgery hospitals in Singapore. Because of the sensitivity of the procedure and the risks involved, this surgery should only be conducted by highly experienced and skilled surgeons. The top neurosurgeons in Singapore are educated from some of the most prestigious medical universities in the world. They hold several years of experience in conducting all types of brain surgeries and have so far treated thousands of patients from around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A craniotomy is performed by making a small burr hole incision, a keyhole incision which is comparatively larger than the former, or a larger incision, as required. The complexity of the surgery depends on the region of the brain which is affected and the severity of the disease or the injury. A craniotomy is performed by the following procedure:

  • The candidate has to remove all kinds of jewelry and accessories and change into the hospital gown.

  • An intravenous line is made on the arm for providing medications and also fetching blood samples.

  • Foley catheter is inserted in the urinary bladder for storing the urine and the candidate is made to lie on a suitable position so as the damaged portion of the brain can be easily accessed. 

  • Anesthesia is provided to the individual and the oxygen level, heart rate, as well as blood pressure, is closely monitored by the anesthesiologist.

  • The incision area and ¼ inch area on either side of the incision is clean shaved and sterilized with antiseptic.

  • A 3-pin machine is used for fixating the skull and holding the head still.

  • Skull drilling machines are used to create necessary burr holes and a craniotome (saw) is used for removing the bone flap to expose the dura mater (outermost protective brain layer)

  • The dura matter is cut open to access the brain. Loupes, dissectors, scissors, drills, etc., are used to penetrate deep and operate.

  • After completion, the dura matter is stitched back in position and the bone flap is fixed via metal plates made up of titanium and necessary screws. 

  • Temporary tubes may be provided for draining of fluid for the next few days.

The candidacy for craniotomy surgery is primarily important and is decided solely by the neurosurgeons. The deciding criteria which make an individual eligible for craniotomy are:

  • Failure of prior treatments and medications in curing the disease or the injury.

  • The candidate shows no sign of long-term or terminal illness.

  • The candidate should not have any serious sickness apart from the brain ailment.

Singapore is globally recognized as one of the topmost countries that offer unparalleled medical treatments in complex operations like craniotomy. The use of contemporary technology, flamboyant facilities, and globally acclaimed surgeons has made craniotomy in Singapore one of the best in the world. The clinics performing craniotomy for decades are:

  • Mount Elizabeth Hospital

  • Gleneagles Hospital

  • Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

  • Parkway East Hospital

The surgeons performing craniotomy in Singapore are renowned neurosurgeons with experience of over decades. Decorated with specialists degree from topmost universities in the world, the surgeons have now made the impossible possible. Hence, here are some of the popular surgeons who have excelled the odds in craniotomy.

  • Dr. Ivan Ng

  • Dr. Lee Kam-Yiu Timothy

Craniotomy cost in Singapore of anywhere in the world varies as per the complication and extent of surgery required. Apart from that, the cost is also determined by laboratory tests, multispecialty healthcare benefits, medical facilities, and several other factors. Considering the aforesaid factors, craniotomy cost in Singapore has been estimated to be approximately  USD $6807. 

The post-surgery recovery time for craniotomy requires up to two weeks of observation and follow-ups. Henceforth, complete recovery of the candidate is expected to be achieved within 6 to eight weeks. However, the entire process of recovery depends on how the body responds to resuming activities. In case the candidate needs consecutive chemotherapy or other radiation treatments, the recovery time may be prolonged.

The success rate of craniotomy in Singapore varies approximately from 95% to 99%. The rate varies as per the extent of complications and the part of the brain that is affected, diseased or injured. However, the longevity is quite unpredictable in case of lesions or tumors.

There are several reasons for considering craniotomy in Singapore. These are:

  • Affordable treatment which is cheaper compared to other major countries like the USA, Israel, etc.

  • Multispecialty healthcare

  • Advanced technology

  • Competent surgeon

  • Implementation of modern advancements in medical science

There are several in-general risk factors associated with every operation. Commonly, severe infections, excessive blood loss, and formation of blood clots may occur. Apart from that, the risks specifically associated with craniotomy include:

  • Brain stroke

  • Seizures

  • Leakage of cerebrospinal fluid or the CSF

  • Impaired nerve function

  • Swelling of meninges or affected the portion of the brain

  • Improper nervous reflexes

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