What is Craniotomy?

Though it stands to be one of the commonest surgeries conducted to treat a brain tumor, Craniotomy is intricately complicated. The main objective of craniotomy is to remove lesions, tumors, or blood clots that may have lodged in there, creating issues. The brain is the most delicate organ of our body and the slightest of inconveniences there can have drastic and lasting implications. It is the main organ that runs practically everything in our body. Craniotomy essentially ensures that all aspects of the brain function perfectly enough to render a person complete physical and mental well-being.

Who would ideally need Craniotomy?

Craniotomy is an intricate process. It is usually recommended only in the following cases:

  1. To remove brain tumours lodged deep inside the brain

  2. To clip aneurysms

  3. To remove tumours that invade the skull causing immense pain

Craniotomy in Israel

Over the last few decades, Israel has carved a niche for itself when it comes to Craniotomy. It happens to be the specialist country for Craniotomy. With the best in class doctors and surgeons and neurosurgeons practicing in Israel for a very long time, there are methods and techniques developed on a daily basis here. Access to cutting edge technology has also made it possible for surgeons to conjure newer, more creative solutions to tight operating situations.

Thorough attention to detail (which comes from world renowned doctors functioning here) and impeccable pricing makes Israel the best location to get Craniotomy operations done at. Everything before, during and after the operation is minutely monitored so that there happens to be no issues in any step of the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Israel currently holds the stature for being one of the best medical countries in the world. They boast of a rich collection of expert doctors and surgeons and neurosurgeons who are renowned in their fields and have decades of practical experience. That paired with cutting edge technology makes Israel a formidable nation when it comes to getting the best Craniotomy operations.

World class technology and some of the best doctors in the world make craniotomy absolutely safe in Israel. Facilities make sure that each aspect of healthcare is looked into minutely. With appropriate governmental intervention, any and every prospect of discrepancies and corruption are ruled out, leading to just prime healthcare service being offered to distressed patients. With post-operating recovery involving therapy and medication, the patient goes back home healed and fit – both physically and mentally.

The success rate of craniotomy in Israel depends upon the severity of the condition. The brain is a delicate organ and if conditions are diagnosed late, there might not be much that even the finest doctors in the world can do something about it. However, there are innovative methods and access to resources that the doctors have here. So the chances of them pulling out something that actually works in your favor is more likely.

The price of Craniotomy in Israel depends upon the condition and its severity. The pricing depends upon the resources to be used, the availability of those resources, the availability of doctors and nurses and the type of facility the patient chooses.

Israel houses a wide range of hospitals and medical centers, befitting various budget shelves so that while such high-intensity operations are up, one doesn’t fall shy of the money. On average, a Craniotomy operation in Israel could cost you $33,000.

Some of the most renowned names in terms of Craniotomy in Israel are Kaplan Medical Center located in Rehovot. There also is the Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva, The Ichilov Hospital in Tel-Aviv, and the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer.

Some of the finest neurosurgeons you could avail services of are Dr. Ilya Pekarsky, Dr. Shlomi Constantani, Dr. Zvi Ram and Dr. Shimon Rohkind. Apart from these, there happens to be an endless list of renowned neurosurgeons in Israel and this list could go on.

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