Gynecomastia or male breast is disturbing and socially embarrassing for men. It may be caused due to physiological or pathological reasons. Surgical correction referred to male breast reduction surgery, or gynecomastia surgery can reduce the breast size. This is the most common and affordable way to treat this condition, and it results in flat and enhanced chest contours in men. During the procedure, excessive breast tissue and fat are removed through liposuction, excision or combination of both.

Male breast reduction in Hungary

Hungary a multi-faceted medical hub has always been attracting many medical professionals and healthcare companies to conduct their research. It is drawing a lot of medical tourist by providing world-class facilities, medical infrastructure, cleanliness, safe and welcoming environment. Male breast reduction in Hungary is performed by some of the most skilled and experienced cosmetologist, who have received training from the best centers across the globe.

Cost comparison


Male breast reduction treatment cost in Hungary along with quality medical care and safety are available at competitive prices with some of the most chosen medical tourism destinations like UAE, India, Thailand, and Turkey. Male breast reduction treatment including the travel and accommodation cost in Hungary comes to even less than half when compared with the treatment cost offered in US or UK.

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