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Liposuction in Dubai

Liposuction is a kind of cosmetic surgery where excess fat is sucked up from the body. Also known as lipo, lipoplasty, lipectomy, and liposculpture suction, Liposuction is mainly carried out on the abdomen, thighs, chin, neck, buttocks, calves, back and arms as well.

The surgery is performed with the help of a hollow apparatus known as a cannula which is injected under the skin. Thereafter, a high-pressure and powerful vacuum is applied to the cannula which helps suck out excess fat from the body parts.

Many people having a uniform body weight undergo Liposuction surgery in order to remove the unwanted fat from the body. However, it is noteworthy that Liposuction is not the solution to obesity. This surgery does not remove any kind of cellulite, stretch marks, or dimples from parts of the body. Liposuction only helps in acquiring an appealing look by improving the silhouette of the body.

With liposuction, the fat cells do get permanently removed from the body; however, the amount of fat that can be safely removed is limited. If one does not maintain a healthy diet after the surgery, it is quite possible that the remaining fat cells will grow bigger and develop unrequired fat in the body.

Liposuction cost in Dubai

The average cost of liposuction in Dubai is USD 4500. The minimum cost is USD 4000 and the maximum cost of liposuction in Dubai is USD 7500.

Factors affecting the cost of Liposuction in Dubai

Liposuction price in Dubai depends on various factors such as –

  • Patient’s medical history

The medical history of the patient also plays a vital role in quoting a liposuction treatment cost. If the patient has or is suffering from any other medical issues, it will certainly affect the cost of fat removal surgery.

  • Treatment area

The cost of fat reduction surgery in UAE highly depends on the treatment area and the amount of fat required to be removed. The treatment cost done in simple areas is much lower than the treatment done in difficult areas.

  • Type of anesthesia

The type of anesthesia required to be given to the patient for liposuction also affects the cost of the surgery. One can get local anesthesia, regional anesthesia, or general anesthesia as well depending on the treatment of a particular body part.

  • Technology used

It is another major factor resulting in varied treatment cost of liposuction. A plain and common liposuction surgery will cost you lesser than the treatment done with the help of laser or ultrasound.

  • Location and status of the hospital

The destination you choose for the treatment and the reputation of the hospital also impacts the cost of liposuction surgery to a great extent. Simply put, larger metropolitan cities tend to charge higher for the treatment as compared to the smaller cities.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

1 Day in Hospital

13 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 5800


About the Liposuction

Liposuction is a common cosmetic surgery performed to remove stubborn fat from the skin. It is also known as lipoplasty and suction-assisted lipectomy. This procedure is performed by an experienced cosmetologist or anaesthetist to give a sculpted look to the body and beautify the overall look of the individual with proper contouring.

Liposuction is not meant for weight reduction. Large amounts of fat cannot be removed by this process. A maximum of a quart (litre) can be removed through liposuction surgery. It is not meant for cellulite removal. For such results, liposhaving is more effective. However, many surgeons believe that the areas containing cellulite may improve in appearance after liposuction is performed.

There can be regions of the skin that have localized fat. Such regions may include calves, abdomen, thighs, and arms. If these regions are resistant to diet and exercise, then a liposuction surgery is performed to remove them.

Liposuction is the most commonly performed cosmetic treatment among both men and women. It aims to extract the extra fat through a suction device to give a more toned look to the body. The finishing of such surgeries is extremely important.

How is Liposuction performed?

Liposuction surgery is performed by creating small and really inconspicuous incisions. A typical liposuction procedure involves the following steps:

  • Specific medications are administered to relieve any discomfort that may be experienced during the procedure. This may include local or general anaesthesia or a sedative.
  • A diluted local anaesthesia is administered to the target body part.
  • A thin hollow tube or a cannula is inserted into the vein to loosen excess fat. This is done using back and forth motion.
  • The dislodged fat is then sucked out of the body using a surgical vacuum or a syringe that created effective suction.

These days, the use of laser lipo and vaser liposuction is quite common. Both of these are advanced techniques that allow for minimal invasion and discomfort and faster recovery. 

In laser lipo, laser light is used to break down the fat cell walls, which allows the fatty oil to seep out and distort the cells that are subsequently removed. The laser light also coagulates the small blood vessels in the deeper layers, thus minimizing the risk of bleeding and bruising.


In vaser liposuction, also known as liposelection, ultrasonic energy is transformed into vibration energy, which is transferred to the fat cells. These cells are then shaken and mixed with a fluid prepared by the surgeon prior to the surgery. This emulsified mixture containing fat and water is then removed through suction with the help of small cannulas.

Recovery from Liposuction

  • The person must wear a support garment for the next two to three weeks after the surgery.
  • In case calves and ankles have been treated, supportive hose must be worn for at least 6 weeks.
  • The support garments are allowed to be removed while bathing 24 hours after the surgery. The support garments can prevent swelling, which is obvious after the surgery for at least 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Metal stitches and staples used to close the incision will be removed a day or two after the surgery.
  • Minor bleeding and seepage are common. It can be reduced by wearing an elastic garment.
  • There may be slight pain and soreness in the operated regions. However, it should subside within 10 to 14 days and people can resume duty after two weeks.

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Liposuction in NMC Hospital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates6120 USDBook Now
Liposuction in Asia Cosmetic Hospital, Nonthaburi, Thailand5200 USDBook Now
Liposuction in Medicana Camlica, Istanbul, Turkey3500 USDBook Now
Liposuction in Asian Health Center, Istanbul, Turkey3900 USDBook Now
Liposuction in Asia Cosmetic Hospital, Nonthaburi, Thailand2810 USDBook Now

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you opt for Liposuction surgery in Dubai, U.A.E?

UAE, being such a highly-developed place, also boasts of top-class Medical Centers which encompasses highly-trained professionals having many years of experience in their respective area of interests. Dubai Healthcare Centers make use of advanced technologies and provide first-class medical facilities to the patients. Even the cost of treatment is quite lower than what you have to pay in countries like the United States. Such a level of professionalism and cost-efficiency ultimately makes Dubai the best place to obtain Liposuction surgery.

What is the cost of Liposuction surgery in Dubai?

The cost of fat removal surgery differs from person to person as it basically depends on several factors namely the medical history of the patient, treatment area, type of anaesthesia, type of technology, location and reputation of the hospital, etc. However, the average cost of Liposuction surgery in the UAE goes around $4,500.

Which are the top surgeons and hospitals for Liposuction in Dubai?

The top surgeons for Liposuction in Dubai are –

  • Dr. Maria Rubatti

  • Dr. SaharKazzaz

  • Dr. Wayne Smith

  • Dr. Sanjay Saraf

  • Dr. Hasan Ali

Here are the top hospitals for Liposuction in Dubai –

  • Elite Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Group

  • American British Surgical and Medical Centre

  • European Medical Centre and Aesthetic Surgery

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital

  • Cocoona Centre for Aesthetic Transformation

What is the success rate of Liposuction in Dubai?

The success rate of Liposuction in the United Arab Emirates is very high. You can expect a well-defined and curvaceous body with the help of the liposuction surgery. The results you get from a fat removal surgery is highly-lasting but only if you maintain a good and healthy diet. You can see the final results of the surgery once the fluid retention and swelling gets reduced which might take a few months.

What body parts can be put under Liposuction surgery in UAE?

Clinics and hospitals in UAE for Liposuction surgery performs the same in various parts of the human body namely:

  • Abdomen

  • Waist

  • Buttocks

  • Thigh

  • Back

  • Face

  • Chest

  • Calves

  • Ankles

  • Neck

  • Chin

  • Cheeks

  • Arms

FAQ's Related to United Arab Emirates

What healthcare accreditation standards are followed in United Arab Emirates?

The healthcare accreditation standards followed in UAE are provided by DHCA (Dubai Healthcare City Authority) and JCI (Joint Commission International). It is the DHCA and JCI which earmarks the hospitals that match upto the high standards of patient service delivery and healthcare infrastructure. JCI is an international healthcare accredition body which is equated with best practices in patient safety and quality whereas DHCA is the governing body of Dubai Healthcare City which is always equated with excellence. The Dubai Healthcare City Authority was established in May 2011 whereas Joint Commission International was founded in 1998 as a division of The Joint Commission (est. 1951).

Which are the popular multispecialty hospital groups in UAE?

There are numerous multidisciplinary hospital groups in UAE which are listed below for your convenience:


  1. Emirates Hospital
  2. Mediclinic
  3. Medcare
  4. Aster Hospitals
  5. NMC Healthcare
  6. Thumbay Hospital
  7. Medeor
  8. Saudi German Hospital
  9. American Hospital Dubai
  10. Canadian Specialist Hospital
  11. King's College Hospital Dubai
  12. Zulekha Hospital
  13. Al Zahra Hospital
  14. Burjeel Hospital

Abu Dhabi

  1. LLH Hospital
  2. Burjeel Hospital
  3. Life Care Hospital

The multispecialty hospitals in UAE are known for providing exceptional care at affordable prices. The specialties coverage in UAE hospitals is immense because of which you can get all kinds of treatments and procedures done there. The hospitality that UAE is so famous for is also ingrained in the administrative personnel and the healthcare staff manning the various mutlispecialty hospitals making it easy for any medical traveller to navigate the systems.

Why should I opt for healthcare in UAE?

Healthcare in UAE should be your natural option with its fast growing healthcare sector over the last five decades adding many hospitals, healthcare centers, clinics, rehabilitation centers and related infratstructure. The vision of the UAE government is futuristic in relation with the healthcare sector with the government not just planning but executing these plans to drive growth in this sector. UAE healthcare organisations provide a high standard of care as they function seamlessly in a well organised manner. The supportive travel ecosystem in the country which supports the strong healthcare sector makes UAE an attractive healthcare destination.

How is the quality of doctors in UAE?

The stringent requirements of obtaining a license to practice medicine gives credibility to the quality of doctors working in the UAE. Doctors working in the hospitals in UAE are qualified, experienced and stay up to date with the latest developments in their area of expertise. The personal touch they bring to their skill helps patients feel comfortable. The doctors in UAE have international exposure as their patient base is composed of various ethnicities and nationalities.

When traveling to UAE for medical treatment, what essential documents do I need to carry along?

It is important to have all the required documents with you before you travel to any country for medical treatment. The journey related to your medical treatment is a seamless process if all your documents are together in one place. The documents that you should carry with you during your journey as a medical traveller to UAE are related to travel and medical purposes. Please ensure that you carry essential documents to UAE as mentioned below.

  1. Medical history
  2. Test reports
  3. Bank statements
  4. Passport
  5. Visa
  6. Medical records and doctor referral notes.
What are the popular procedures available in UAE?

Popular procedures being performed in UAE are as follows.

  1. Orthopaedics
  2. Fertility treatment
  3. Ophthalmology
  4. Dermatology
  5. Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is bringing in a lot of medical tourists to UAE and under this category botox and fillers are two procedures which are gaining most popularity. Fertility treatments are fast gaining popularity in UAE and the government is also aiding this growth by making the right change in legislations and creating the optimum environment. These treatments are done by the best of doctors at affordable prices.

Is it mandatory to take vaccinations before going to UAE?

It is important to take pre travel vaccinations prior to your journey to UAE. As you begin preparing for your journey get vaccinated atleast four weeks in advance. The country of origin or destination (if going from UAE), length of stay, health conditions and current doctors' prescriptions are the major factors in the kind of vaccines and their dosage. It is important to get the Yellow fever vaccine for Central Africa and South American countries.

What are the other facilities provided by hospitals in the United Arab Emirates?

Medical tourism in UAE is made attractive by many factors and one of them includes the facilities provided by hospitals. The strong combination of public and private healthcare systems reflect on the facilities provided by the hospitals. Major hospitals in UAE have an international patient center which helps coordinate the visit of medical tourists to UAE. International patient centers are making the medical travellers lives easy by helping them in many ways such as:

  • Payment and financial assistance
  • Hospital transfers
  • Tourism guidance
  • Interpretation services
  • Visa related assistance
  • Liasoning for flights,local travel and hotels
  • Coordination for reports and treatment plans
  • Appointment scheduling
What are the major medical tourism destinations in UAE?

Across markets, medical tourism is a huge contributor to GDP of many countries such as United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi, the island city and also the capital of United Arab Emirates and Dubai, where real estate and tourism are the backbone of the economy are both important medical tourism destinations in UAE. The healthcare infrastructure which is being continually upgraded has given Dubai and Abu Dhabi the advantage as medical tourism destinations. Investment in healthcare from private and public sector in addition to stringent health regulations has led to guarantee of delivery in quality healthcare and a rising health tourism graph in UAE.