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Liposuction Treatment Cost in Israel

Liposuction is a surgical procedure which is used to remove excess fat from different regions of the body. This surgical procedure is one of the common cosmetic surgeries in Israel and does not require any major lifestyle changes. Although this surgery is usually utilized to give the body of someone the required outward proportion, it can also be utilized to take out the clogging fat which can cause serious conditions in the patient body. This procedure is to provide healthy people with a chance to lead a healthy life. The improvement in appearance is an added bonus and not the main reason for this surgery. Unlike some cosmetic surgeries, this procedure does not require any drastic change in lifestyle or habits.

Unlike the popular notion, liposuction cannot be used to suck out the whole fat from the body. About a liter can only be sucked out by each seating. To achieve complete removal of fat, proper diet and exercise are needed to be applied for the complete removal of the excess body fat. Localized fat in calves, arms, thighs, and abdomen are usually resistant to the diminishing effect of exercise and diet plans. These regions may need liposuction to remove the fat and give the patient a more sculpted and proportional contour.   

Liposuction Procedure in Israel

Development of advanced medical and healthcare system has placed Israel among the most visited country for cosmetic surgery procedures, especially liposuction. With the best and most modern medical infrastructure, this country is now visited by patients from all over the world to get the best services in cosmetic fields. Presence of multi-disciplinary hospitals and medical institutions with dedicated departments for cosmetic surgeries has made this nation among the first choices for contouring surgery such as liposuction.  

The country has many cosmetic surgeons who are proficient in performing every technique of liposuction; namely, the most common techniques of laser liposuction and laser-assisted liposuction. Medical institutions like Herzliya Medical Center, Assuta hospital, Tel Aviv Sourasky medical center are equipped with the most cutting-edge instruments and committed cosmetic surgery departments where the procedures like liposuction are routinely carried out. These are some of the reasons why Israel is one of the best places to get a liposuction or any other plastic surgery.

b. Cost Comparison

In developed countries like the USA, the cost of liposuction can range from $1500-$3000, whereas you can avail the same quality and international standards of treatment in Israel in prices ranging from $1000- $2379.

3 Clinics For Liposuction in Israel




Assuta Medical Center is a leading private hospital in the capital city of Tel Aviv in Israel. Assuta is the biggest chain of hospitals and healthcare centers in Israel with four operational state-of –art advanced hospitals. The four hospitals include:- Ramat Ha Hayal Hospital Assuta Rishon Lezion Assuta Haifa Assuta Beersheeba Apart from the above the Assuta group also operates:- Assuta Ha Shalom – An advanced and innovative centre for medical examinations. Assuta Ashdod –… Read More
Tel Aviv Medical Center is one of the leading multi-disciplinary hospitals in Israel. The hospital with its modern infrastructure, cutting-edge technologies offering world-class healthcare standards is one of the premier hospitals and a preferred destination for medical tourists coming to Israel from all over the world. Spanning an area of around 52 acres, the hospital comprises of 60 departments across its 5 institutions. Statistics report that the center on average oversees 101,000 admissions, 34000 surgical… Read More




Herzliya Medical Center is a leading private hospital offering services across multiple disciplines to not only Israeli national but also medical tourists from abroad who come to Israel for quality treatment at best possible prices. It is one of the biggest hospitals in Israel with 7 operating rooms and treating around 8000 outbound patients on a daily basis. The hospital employs 350 doctors, 196 nurses including those with advanced certification. HMC’s patient-centric approach, personalized treatment… Read More


Why opt for Liposuction Procedure in Israel?

Liposuction, although a cosmetic surgery, contains a chance of complication nonetheless. It is important that the patient receives the best treatment regimen along with the finest medical and surgical care from the most expert specialists and cosmetic surgeons so that any complications arising from an issue can be professionally dealt. The professional approach, access to the most modern instruments, and the presence of the greatest medical practitioners have made Israel one of the top choices to visit to get a liposuction done.

What is the average cost of Liposuction Procedure in Israel?

Some of the main cost aspects include

  • Journey, transfers, and lodging

  • Hospital stay for around 1-2 weeks

  • The nature of surgery (either laser-assisted or ultrasound-pulsed vaser surgery)

  • The type of cannula used

  • The type of assisted clothing required for the surgery.

In the US, the cost of the treatment will be around $1500 to $3000, but in Israel, the costs are much lower and within the range. Even after bearing in mind the journey and housing options, the overall charge comes in the lesser range.

How successful is the Liposuction Procedure in Israel?

With greatly progressive management services available at numerous hospitals, Israel has high accomplishment rates in this technique. Highly practiced and experienced cosmetic surgeons ensure that the care provided to the patients is at the same or even better level with any of the principal hospitals of the developed countries.

Which are the best Hospitals for Liposuction Procedure in Israel?

Among the several medical institutions, Herzliya Medical Center, Assuta hospital, Tel Aviv Sourasky medical center are the most preferred hospitals for an internationally acclaimed level of liposuction. They are known to have the best set of machinery, along with with the most proper arrangement of instruments, the appropriate collection of medicines, and the most proficient medical doctors and staffs. Each of them is easily accessible by various modes of transport from the nearest port of entry and has multilingual support personnel for assisting the international visitors.

Who are the top plastic surgeons for Liposuction Procedure in Israel?

Among the numerous plastic surgeons available, Dr. Yoav Barnea, Professor Eyal Vinkler, Dr. Tali Friedman is known to contribute their experience and expertise in the field of liposuction in Israel, and are the most sought-out names among other proficient and experienced surgeons.

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