Kidney Transplantation in Israel

The kidney transplant operations in Israel has been low when compared with the other countries in the West. This is due mainly due to religious belief. Most of the people in Israel are Jewish, and Jewish law prohibits the act of donation of organs. But in 2008 new organ donation laws are formed to regulate the organ donation and kidney transplantation practices. These laws changed many things in the field of kidney transplantation.

One of the laws is made to solve the conflict between the need of same thing for two different patients that is if two patients needed similar kidney for kidney transplantation then the patient who has an organ donor card will be given the priority or the patient whose family have donated an organ in the past will be prioritized. The name of the policy was "don't give, don't get." These laws also define several terms such as brain death which indicates the death for every legal purpose. The law also provides various financial reimbursement to the people who have donated their kidney for all medical expenses because of the donation and also due to the time which is lost at work. After ten years of regulations of these laws, Kidney Transplantation has become an easier and cheaper practice in Israel.

There are a lot of kidney donors due to the benefits provided by the government. In Israel, the option of Dialysis is also available which is an alternative to kidney transplantation but this process can be inconvenient for the patient as they have to go every week to the hospital for treatment and in the long run, it can cost much more than kidney transplantation.

Cost Comparison

Israel is considered as one of the leading destinations for kidney transplantation. As per the policies of the average price in the country of Israel and the income of the local citizens, Israel is among the most expensive countries for having the kidney transplantation. For instance, the Sourasky Medical Centre which is a renowned medical centre for Kidney transplantation charges an average of $100.000 for the kidney transplantation. The cost of the kidney transplantation varies from country to country depending on their price policy and the income of the local citizens. These costs don't include the cost for examination of the patient before the kidney transplantation, and doctors perform a complete examination for 2–3 weeks before giving permission for the kidney transplantation.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

15 Day in Hospital

15 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 85000

Frequently Asked Questions

A patient looks for four key points before choosing a country for the kidney transplantation. They are mentioned as below:

  • The rate of success of the surgery.

  • The price should be affordable without any quality loss.

  • The experience of the surgeon performing the kidney transplantation.

  • The reviews which are given by the patients who have already undergone the kidney transplantation. 

In Israel, all the four criteria have been met with excellent standards except the price of the kidney transplantation. But the success rate of the kidney transplantation operation fills this gap of higher cost than other countries. There are lots of experienced surgeons in Israel as over 280 kidney transplantations using living donor and more than 200 kidney transplantations using cadaver-donor are performed by the experienced surgeons in the hospitals of Israel, the data is validated by the National Organ Transplant Centre. 

The cost for the kidney transplantation is about 5–6 times higher than the cost of kidney transplantation in India or Turkey, but this cost is on the same level as the cost of kidney transplantation in other European countries. These cost of the kidney transplantation are decided by the average price policy in Israel and the income of the local citizens. The average cost of the kidney transplantation in Israel is $100,000.

There are good care centres and medical centres in Israel which have very good and experienced surgeons for performing kidney transplantation. The Sheba Organ Transplant Centre at the Sheba Medical Centre is one among the renowned centres for the kidney transplantation. Another excellent medical centre for successful kidney transplantation is the Sourasky Medical Centre.

The success of a kidney transplantation operation depends on a lot of factors like the condition of the patient before the transplantation, the age of the donor and the recipient, race, and gender of the recipient, information about the previous treatment performed on the recipient. The survival rate in Israel after the kidney transplantation operation is 84–91%. One of the main factor contributing to a good success rate of kidney transplantation in Israel is a competent and good examination of the functions of a recipient's body. 

The Sourasky Medical Centre is situated in Tel Aviv, and it is considered as one of the best facilities for kidney transplantation. The city of Ramat Gan is also a prominent city containing good facilities for the kidney transplantation procedure among the patients.

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