Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery in Israel

Knee replacement surgery in Israel

Commonly known as arthroplasty, knee replacement surgery is necessary when the knee joint is worn or damaged to the extent that your mobility gets lessened and you feel pain even while laying down or resting. The surgery may be considered for those who have severe arthritis or knee injury and non-medical procedure or walking supports are no longer helpful to them. Being the most successful procedure in all of the medicines, knee replacement surgery provides dramatic pain relief for more than 90% of those who have undergone this surgery.

Knee replacement technique was first introduced in 1968 and since then, improvements and advancements in surgical materials and techniques have greatly enhanced its effectiveness. Israel, being one of the best places for foreigners to get medical care, offers efficient knee replacement surgery. A full Knee Replacement Surgery in Israel is one of the mainstream surgeries which are carried out by the leading specialist orthopedic surgeons in the most progressive techniques.

Cost Comparison

Since two patients can never be same thus, the approach to the treatment and the surgeries advised has always differed. Usually, the cost of knee replacement surgery is purely reliant on the condition of the knee. There are basically two main types of knee replacement surgery, that is, total knee replacement surgery and partial knee replacement surgery. The minimum Knee Replacement cost in Israel is $11,000 and can go higher up to $ 20,000. Whereas, the other western countries like U.S.A costs$35,000 for the total knee replacement surgery which is much higher than Israel.

Israel proposes world-class medical services having prices 30-50% lower than in the American or European clinics. In the international medical forum, Israel is emerging as a leader in healthcare tourism by offering quality and economical treatment.

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Why go for Knee Replacement Surgery in Israel?

With time, Israel has developed a reputation as a medical hub. With high-standard of care, well-trained doctors, modern amenities and state-of-the-art infrastructures, it is obvious that the government has invested hugely in the health care system. In a survey, the Medical Tourism Index ranks Israel at the highest among the 25 most popular destinations for medical services, quality treatment, and patient’s experience. To perform knee replacement surgery, the topmost orthopedic surgeons in Israel work in conjunction with physicians from other specialties to provide the best and latest approach for knee replacement surgery. So, Israel is the most effective and ideal option for knee replacement surgery.

What is the cost of Knee Replacement in Israel?

Knee replacement surgery is the only solution for the people who have developed severe pain in the knee and become restricted from daily activities. The cost of knee replacement surgery varies from person to person depending on the condition of the patient. Talking about the price in Israel, if a person is seeking partial knee replacement surgery, $ 19,000 would be the minimum expense which can go higher up to $ 20,000. And, for the total knee replacement surgery, the cost would be from $ 11,000 to $ 20,000. However, the hospital from which you are getting the treatment would entirely affect your total budget.

Which are the top Hospitals and top Orthopedic Surgeons for Knee Replacement Surgery in Israel?

There are numerous considerations to be made when undergoing a knee replacement surgery or after surgery recovery. To teach you about it, Israel features some renowned hospitals. Here is the list of the best among them:

  • Sheba Medical Center

  • Rambam Medical Center

  • Rabin Medical Center

  • Herzliya Medical Center

  • Sourasky Medical Center

  • Assaf Harofeh Medical Center

  • Assuta Hospitals

  • Hadassah University Medical Center

Now, see the list of top orthopedic surgeons for knee replacement

  • Dr. Boaz Liberman

  • Dr. Itzhak Siev-ner

  • Dr. Eyal Melamed

  • Prof. Doron Norman, MD

  • Prof. Moshe Salai

  • Dr. N.Ohana

  • Prof. Nyska Meir

  • Dr. Mankowitz

  • Dr. Yigal Mirovsky, MD

Which are the best cities for Knee Replacement Surgery in Israel?

To perform knee replacement surgery, Israel houses some of the best hospitals and highly qualified doctors. You can get this treatment in cities like Tel Aviv, Haifa, Petah Tikva, Herzliya, and Jerusalem. These are the best cities to get knee replacement surgery and among these, Tel Aviv is considered the most visited city for the same procedure. Also, Knee Replacement Cost in Tel Aviv hugely depends on the condition of the knee and which treatment he/she needs to have.

What is the success rate for Knee Replacement Surgery in Israel?

It is no surprise that Israel is one of the highest-ranking countries in the healthcare sector and also has achieved a prominent place owing to the highest level of medicine, doctor’s qualification, continuous introduction of advanced treatment methods and technologies. With this hi-tech approach, Israel has successfully treated more than hundreds of patients having damaged knee. Israel boasts the highest success rate for knee replacement surgery and comparatively more economical than the U.S.A. So, one can go for Knee Replacement Surgery in Israel without facing any hassle.

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