Total Hip Replacement U/L cost in United Arab Emirates

Hip replacement surgery or arthroplasty is a procedure performed to replace a worn out or damaged hip joint with an artificial component(Prosthesis) made of metal and plastics. The operation helps in providing relief from pain, improvement in sleep and aids in regaining motions, physical activity and the quality of life.

Hip Replacement Surgery in U.A.E

UAE has become one of the leading destinations for advanced medical care. UAE government is very proactive in developing its healthcare infrastructure, providing high-quality medical procedures at affordable prices, stringent safety regulations, easy accessibility and no waiting time. With the availability of well-skilled doctors, trained from some of the renowned hospitals around the world is an attraction for the medical tourist. Apart from this, it is also a popular tourist destination, making it one of the explored destination for medical tourism. 

Cost Comparison 

The cost of hip replacement in UAE, advanced medical care facilities, well-trained doctors and aftercare provided are comparable with some of the most sought out medical tourism destinations like Germany, Singapore, Turkey, Hungary, India. Hip replacement surgery cost including the procedure, examination test medicines, doctors’ fees and sight-seeing comes out to be less than one-sixth when compared with the total treatment cost offered in US or UK.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

5 Day in Hospital

16 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 9800


About the Total Hip Replacement U/L

Unilateral hip replacement surgery is conducted in patients who suffer from osteoarthritis of just one hip joint or those who have damaged or infected joint on one side of the hips.

A unilateral hip replacement surgery is less time intensive and serious than a bilateral hip replacement surgery, which involves removal and replacement of joints on both the sides of the hips.

During the unilateral hip replacement surgery, which is also known as hip arthroplasty, the affected side of the hip is cut open to expose the diseased hip joint. It is cut and removed before transplanting artificial prosthesis.

Some hip replacement surgeons may choose to use the cemented prosthesis, while others may choose uncemented prosthesis. Opening up the hip area to perform the surgery is not necessary if a minimally invasive technique is used to achieve the same objective.

Unilateral hip replacement surgery is the last treatment options for a patient who have not experienced any relief from constant hip pain through other alternative treatments such as physical therapy, exercising, and the use of painkillers.

Best Candidates For Unilateral Hip Joint Surgery

Patients who experience the following symptoms are recommended to undergo unilateral hip replacement surgery:

  • Constant pain on one of the  side that makes it difficult to walk, stand, or sit properly
  • Stiffness on one side of the hip
  • Pain on one side of the hip even when resting

How is Total Hip Replacement U/L performed?

  • You will be given anesthesia before the surgery. Once you are under its effect, the surgical site is cleaned with an antiseptic and an intravenous line in the arm or hand is attached.
  • The surgeon makes an incision at the surgical site and removes the diseased hip joint with the help of surgical tools. The removed joint is replaced with an artificial prosthesis and the incision is closed with surgical staples or stitches. The incision site is secured with a sterile bandage dressing.
  • In the case of a minimally invasive surgery, several small incision are made to insert the surgical tools. The unilateral hip replacement recovery time performed using minimally invasive technique is much less as compared to open surgery.

Recovery from Total Hip Replacement U/L

Unilateral hip replacement surgery recovery time varies from one patient to the other. The success of this surgery hugely depends on your ability to follow the instructions given by the surgeon home care during the first few weeks after the procedure.

At the time of discharge, you will still have sutures and stitched under the skin. The doctor will removes stitches approximately two weeks after the surgery. 

See that you do not wet the wound until it is sealed and dried. You can bandage the wound to avoid irritation from clothing or support stockings. The unilateral hip replacement recovery time is less as compared to bilateral surgery.

Recovery Steps post Hip Replacement Surgery

During the first few weeks of your surgery, make sure to perform the exercises advised by the doctor. You may experience a little discomfort during activity and at night for several weeks. You will be able to return to conduct light activities within three to six weeks after the surgery.

Pain after hip replacement surgery goes away gradually. You may be given medications to manage pain after the surgery for a few days until it goes away completely.

Patient Stories

More Related Information

Some of the most sought after Healthcare Packages for Total Hip Replacement U/L are:

Package NameCostBook Package
Total Hip Replacement U/L in Fortis Hospital Shalimar Bagh, Delhi / NCR, India5350 USDBook Now
Total Hip Replacement U/L in NMC Hospital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates17190 USDBook Now
Total Hip Replacement U/L in Kardiolita Hospital, Kaunas, Kaunas, Lithuania9500 USDBook Now
Total Hip Replacement U/L in Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi, India6400 USDBook Now
Total Hip Replacement U/L in NP Istanbul Brain Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey9000 USDBook Now

Some of the most sought after doctors for Total Hip Replacement U/L are:

Following are some of the highest rated doctors available for Online Video Consultation for Total Hip Replacement U/L:

Doctor NameCostBook Appointment
Dr. Ravi Nayak173 USDBook Now
Dr. Manoj Padman23 USDBook Now
Dr. Mohammed Monkez Alwani173 USDBook Now
Dr. Joan Carles Monllau606 USDBook Now
Dr. Enric Caceres606 USDBook Now

Most highly rated hospitals for Total Hip Replacement U/L in Other Destinations are:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you opt for Hip Replacement Surgery in U.A.E?

Expectations from UAE are fairly high when it comes to receiving top-class healthcare at affordable prices. The same can be said about certain procedures and hip replacement is no exception. UAE has become the hub of world-class cosmetology institutions offering a hip replacement at very affordable prices. The lobby of doctors is highly experienced and well-renowned surgeons operate on patients. 

What is the average cost of Hip Replacement Surgery in Dubai?

Getting a hip replacement surgery is a serious implication of implanting a prosthesis or an artificial hip joint. The average cost of a hip replacement surgery in Dubai, UAE is around $9800. Although the cost may vary from clinic to clinic hip replacement surgery can be found at different caps all around Dubai. 

What are the factors affecting the cost of Hip Replacement Surgery in Dubai?

Proper planning before flying to Dubai for the surgery is imperative in order to control the finances. Certain factors that should be paid heed to while calculating the overall cost of the procedure are as below. 

  • Age of the patient
  • The condition of the hip
  • Qualification of the doctor/surgeon
  • Post-op therapies required
  • Procedures
  • Equipment used in the process


How Much You Can Save by Receiving Hip Replacement in Dubai, UAE?

Since the Westworld is crawling with ultra-premium healthcare facilities the average price of the procedure may vary from $12,000 and $15,000 approximately. The same treatment can be figured anywhere around $10k. That’s a straight saving of $5k by choosing UAE over its western counterparts like the US and UK for the hip replacement procedure. 

What are some of the other costs to consider for hip replacement surgery in U.A.E

Overhead expenses are other factors that should play an important role in figuring out the destinations for hip replacement surgery. These factors are stated below:

  • Hotels and accommodation
  • Food and drinks during the stay
  • Airfare and transport
  • Travel insurance

These are just the details of the estimated cost and should not be taken as a final ballpark figure in Dubai. Obviously, they are the bare minimum charges that should be considered, coupling tourist activities along with the medical procedures may add to the overall cost of the hip replacement surgery in Dubai.

Which are the best hospitals for Hip Replacement Surgery in Dubai?

American Hospital- situated in the heart of Oudh Metha, American Hospital has dedicatedly served the patients and is one of the most popular hospitals in Dubai. The hospitals aim at treating patients globally and providing almost 45 medical and healthcare services. It treats cardiac problems, auditory problems, and urinary tract problems with efficiency. With a state-of-art facility and highly placed equipment, American Hospital above all boasts of the roster of doctors it houses. 

Zulekha Hospital- Zulekha Healthcare Group is the brainchild of Dr. Zulekha Daud who shifted her base from India to Dubai in 1992. At affordable costing procedures and healthcare services, Zulekha Dubai is a multi-disciplinary hospital that aims in providing a world-class diagnostic center and well-equipped pharmacies. The hospital in Dubai was established in 2004 with both outpatient and inpatient care facilities. 

Saudi German Hospital- This is one of the largest operating hospitals belonging to the SGH Group which is the strongest medical care group in the Middle East region. It works in collaboration with the German medical schools and faculties and provides the patients with a very comprehensive healthcare package that suits the need of the patients. SGH Dubai, in recognition of its high healthcare standards, has all major international accreditations and certifications to its name like JCI, CAP, ISO, etc and has awarded the most trusted healthcare brand by Global Brands Magazine.