Hip replacement in South Africa

Hip replacement surgery is the treatment method for curing painful hip joints. With increased cases of joint diseases and accidents throughout the world, hip replacement demand has increased rapidly. When a hip is damaged due to diseases like arthritis or fractures, normal activities like standing up and walking become very painful. With high damage, it can be impossible for the patient even to stand up. These cases require surgery of hip joints. Hip pain can result from different forms of arthritis, avascular necrosis, and childhood injuries.

Hip replacement surgery frees the patient from excruciating pain and improves ease of motion. A patient can get back to normal life with a proper rehabilitation program after the surgery. During hip replacement surgeries, doctors make an incision on the muscles of the hip (8 to 10 inches long). This incision gives them a way to damaged hip muscles. Doctors remove the damaged ball portion of the hip bone. This part is replaced with an artificial joint. The socket part is also replaced with an artificial bone socket. The artificial parts are made up of special metal alloys or high-grade plastic. Once replaced, the artificial ball and socket are attached to mimic the natural joint of the hip. Doctors also make drains to prevent any fluid formation in the joint. Recent developments have evolved hip treatment methods significantly. Technological aid allows a doctor to cut a smaller opening on the hip (2 to 5 inches). Smaller opening reduces the after surgery pain, minimizes blood loss, and makes recovery faster. Hip replacement surgery can eliminate hip pain completely or reduce it to a great extent.

Hip replacements are common in the sports industry. Old people suffering through severe arthritis are also common recipients of hip transplants. Hip replacement surgeries are performed throughout the world. There are global destinations for orthopedic treatments that perform hip replacement surgeries with a high success rate. South Africa has evolved a medical tourism hub in the last few decades. Orthopedic treatments in South Africa are famous worldwide. With medical world records in its name, the country is home to many renowned pioneers in the transplant industry. The country gave the world an extensive knowledge of heart transplant by performing it first in 1967. There are other transplant records of South Africa like first penile transplant and first 3D printed bone transplant. All these records have put the country on the World Map as one of the best Transplant locations.

Cost Comparison

The cost of all treatments is lower in South Africa compared to other nations like the US and Germany. Western countries provide the same treatments at three times the cost of South African hospitals. The average cost of hip replacement surgeries in South Africa is around $8000. Average costs stand at $30000 in The States. The average cost of SA stands closer to global healthcare leaders like India and Singapore. Some hospitals in South Africa provide treatments at even lower charges.

The cost fluctuates within the country based on several factors. Some clinics provide the treatment at $6500 to $7000 at the lowest. The facilities are lower than the high-end hospitals, but the success rate is almost consistent throughout the nation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hip Replacement surgeries are performed only after trying medications and physiotherapies. A person who is experiencing severe pain on the hip that cannot be treated permanently with medications and therapy is an ideal candidate for hip replacement surgery. There are no age restrictions for the surgery, and it can be performed on elderly people as well. However, patients with low immunity or chronic disease are properly treated before surgery. High blood loss is a major risk involved, so doctors conduct immunity and other physical tests to check the eligibility of a patient for hip replacement surgery.

Getting surgery in South Africa will involve additional travel and accommodation costs that might differ for various airlines and datelines. These factors should be considered while deciding the budget for the treatment. If the budget is not tight, then South Africa is a good option.

The average costs of hip replacement surgeries are lower than most of the developed nations of the world. You can expect to get surgery at around 8000 USD. These costs can go as high as 15,000 USD when choosing the best hospitals in the country. Small clinics and some public hospitals can provide treatment at less than 8000 USD. The quality of treatment is good throughout the country due to high competition between hospitals and clinics.

Hip replacement surgery requires technological availability. The quality of transplant material and the experience of orthopedic in hip replacement field matters for having good results. South Africa has the availability of all these features under the same roof. Different hospitals provide standard treatments with a high success guarantee. The hospitals are highly experienced in handling international patients. They have bilingual facilities and limited accommodation availability for foreign medical tourists. The medical proficiency of South African hospitals is constantly developing. You can benefit from the varied range of hospitals to provide the best services in South Africa.

The Orthopaedic hospitals in the country have a great treatment record in every field. South Africa has an average success rate of over 90% in hip replacement surgeries. Hip replacement surgeries have low risks involved. The country’s success rate is equal to the global success rate of these surgeries.

South Africa is home to some of the best hospitals for hip replacement surgeries in the world. These hospitals have a constant footfall of international patients. One such hospital is the Netcare Hospital group. This hospital has expertise in all kinds of orthopedic treatments. The institute is not limited to orthopedic services. It provides treatments of heart, lung, and liver diseases among many others. Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital is also a good hospital providing cheap hip replacement surgeries.  

Dr. Jan D. Joubert is the national leader in hip replacement surgeries. He has performed more than 1800 hip replacement surgeries in the country. He is known for his authentic minimally invasive hip replacement method (AMIS) and works with Medacta International Hospital in Cape Town and Stellenbosch. Dr. Hennie Bosch is another honorable mention because of his deep knowledge and huge experience in the field.

The costs of the treatment depend upon the quality of the services the hospital provides. Hospitals involve the after surgery care and accommodation charges in the package. The costs also depend largely on the material of hip transplants. Good quality transplants can function smoothly for 20 years or more. The costs of the treatment also vary with a change in ownership of hospitals. Governments provide subsidized rates in the Public sector for providing standard treatments to all classes of society.  

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