Total Hip Replacement Surgery in Israel

Total hip replacement might become a necessity because of many reasons some of them including some sort of accident involving the lower part of the waist or even the presence of a pre-existing condition like arthritis. One of the popular locations to have the Total Hip Replacement Surgery is the country of Israel. The surgery is an important one which will help reduce the pain that the patient faces when doing the most basic daily tasks like walking. A faulty hip is very painful even while sitting and your doctor might recommend you get the surgery done as soon as possible so that your pain is reduced. The surgery in itself is not a painful one because the patient is under Anastasia and does not feel a thing that is done by the experienced surgeon.

Cost Comparison

The cost of having the Total Hip Replacement Surgery in the county of Israel is comparatively lesser than having the surgery in many other countries. In Countries like the United States of America, the cost of this surgery would be about fifty to sixty thousand US dollars. This is quite high. The price in the country of Israel for the same Total Hip Replacement Surgery is far lesser and convenient.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

5 Day in Hospital

10 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 38000

Frequently Asked Questions

Israel is one of the countries in the world which has a lot of modern equipment in their medical institutions and even in other related fields. The teaching of medical practices in Israel is also very strictly monitored and its quality is controlled by their elite medical board. Thus, the practices that are followed in the country of Israel is exceptionally good especially for special surgical needs of the patient like a Total Hip Replacement Surgery.

The average cost of the Total Hip Replacement Surgery is mainly based on the type of joint that is going to be used in the procedure. Very high-quality ones will cost a bit more than the usual ones that are preferred by your doctor. The cost also depends on the medical hospital that the patient and their family choose to have the Total Hip Replacement Surgery done on them. But, on average, the cost varies between eighteen thousand US dollars to twenty-five thousand US dollars.

  • Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Centre a.k.a Ichilov medical center – This is a multi-specialty hospital in the popular city of Tel Aviv in Israel. It is one of the few hospitals on the earth that have received the JCI accreditation. The hospital is very huge and is spread over an area of about 52 acres and is divided into 5 main divisions. There are about 60 different departments in the entire hospital and they have one of the best care facilities in all of Israel especially for orthopedic surgeries like the total hip replacement surgery.

  • HMC International (Herzliya Medical Centre) – This hospital is located in the city of Herzliya in the country of Israel. This medical center is also used by the United Nations regularly and also by about 64 embassies and consulates in Israel. One of the specialties of this hospital is that they assign every single patient with their own dedicated personal case manager that will be helping the patient with all their needs during their stay in the hospital. The facilities are spectacular and look like a 5-star hotel. Their staff and doctors are very well trained for surgeries like total hip replacement surgery.

  • Assuta Hospital – This is another hospital in the city of Tel Aviv in Israel. The Assuta hospital is considered as the largest hospital that has been accredited by the prestigious JCI (Joint Commission International) They receive a huge amount of outpatients mainly from the foreign countries. They perform almost 90 thousand surgeries on an average every year and most of them are total hip replacement surgeries that are successful.

The best cities in Israel for the total hip replacement surgery are Tel Aviv, Tzrifin, Jerusalem, Herzliya and so on. These are chosen by patients who live here locally as well as patients traveling from foreign countries. This could be attributed to the fact that these are the places where the facilities for medical tourists like affordable boarding and living is found easily. Because these are also popular tourist places, they do not face shortages of rooms or restaurants. They are also accessible by roads and by air travel which is also cheaper than traveling to other foreign countries like the United Kingdom.

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