Disc replacement, also known as artificial disc replacement, is an orthopedic procedure in which the worn out or damaged part of the disc material between the two vertebrae is removed and replaced with an artificial or synthetic disc. Depending on the location of damage, this procedure can either be cervical or lumbar disc replacement. This surgery is usually performed by making an incision in the abdomen (for lumbar) or neck (for cervical) and it may take the surgeons up to three hours to perform this procedure.

Disc Replacement in Singapore

Disc replacement is conducted across all orthopedic and neurosurgery hospitals in Singapore. This procedure is conducted by a team of highly experienced and skilled orthopedic surgeons and neurologists. Both types of specialists are involved in the surgery because this procedure concerns both the spine and the spinal cord. Hence, the guidance of both the specialists is required for a successful outcome of the surgery.

Disc Replacement Cost in Singapore vs Rest of the world

Disc replacement cost in Singapore is highly affordable and cheap as compared to the Western countries. The affordable cost of disc replacement in Singapore ensures that this procedure can be availed by people from all parts of the world. Moreover, the quality of treatment offered by the hospitals that conduct this treatment remains the same. This procedure is carried out by a team of highly skilled surgeons who hold a vast experience in conducting spinal surgeries.

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