Disc Replacement Surgery in United Arab Emirates (U.A.E)

Disc replacement, also known as artificial disc replacement, is an orthopedic procedure in which the worn out or damaged part of the disc material between the two vertebrae is removed and replaced with an artificial or synthetic disc. Depending on the location of damage, this procedure can either be cervical or lumbar disc replacement. This surgery is usually performed by making an incision in the abdomen (for lumbar) or neck (for cervical) and it may take the surgeons up to three hours to perform this procedure.

Disc Replacement Surgery in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E)

The disc is made up of two different parts with different physiological functions. The outer part is tough and provides attachment to vertebrae and the other part is soft and act as a shock absorber in case there is a stress on the spine or the vertebral column. Further, the disc also helps in the smooth movement of the spine and all the discs of the vertebral column synchronized in a similar manner to achieve a simultaneous movement or bending of the spine. With age, the disc starts degenerating leading to reduced movement, pain, and inflammation in the vertebral column. This also results in the inflammation of the surrounding nerves leading to neuropathic pain. The pain may also radiate along the body, which significantly reduces the quality of life. The disc may also get damaged in case of trauma, infection or any serious underlying disease. The replacement surgery is the advanced stage of treatment when the symptoms of the patient are not managed through the medications.

More than 3 lakh patients visit UAE for the treatment which ranges from minor to major surgeries, cosmetic interventions, and rehabilitation which includes cardiac as well as orthopedic rehabilitation. There would be approximately 9.6% growth in the medical tourism industry of UAE, thanks to its affordable treatment cost, infrastructure at part with developed nations, experienced doctors, world-class facilities and high investment by the country in improving its healthcare standards.  Medical tourist visitors include Asians, Arabs, and Europeans.

Slip disc treatment in U.A.E is done at various hospitals of UAE with high success rate at an affordable price. Hospitals of UAE performing the disc replacement surgery are equipped with modern facilities, experienced and trained doctors and para-medical staff. For initially recovery after the surgery, rehabilitation centers are also available in the hospitals to speed up the recovery process.

Due to its huge infrastructure and the Government commitment to providing world-class healthcare facilities, UAE is amongst the first choice of the medical tourists for orthopedics and other major surgeries.

Disc Replacement Surgery Cost in U.A.E vs Rest of the world

The cost of disc replacement surgery in Dubai is significantly low as compared to developed countries such as the US and Europe. This is the reason that the UAE also performs disc replacement surgeries on a large number of nationals of these countries. The cost of the disc replacement surgery in the UAE depends upon a variety of factors. Hospital infrastructure, the experience of the doctor, testing charges, medications, stay in the hospital, the success rate in disc replacement surgery, opting for a rehabilitation center and follow-up visit charges are some of the factors that have an impact on the cost. Further, the presence of an underlying condition may also increase the stay at hospitals leading to increased cost. Cost of the disc also depends upon the quality and has a significant impact on the total cost of surgery. Age of the patient and the number of people traveling along with the patient has also an impact on the overall budget of treatment slip disc surgery cost in U.A.E is approximately $13000 to $18000.

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Why should you opt for Disc Replacement Surgery in U.A.E?

With approximately 9% rise in the medical tourists every year, UAE is set to become the next hub for medical tourism. The intent shown by the Government of this country has clearly shown that the country is in the process to transform its healthcare facilities for his citizens as well as the medical tourist from all over the world. The disc replacement surgery in UAE is performed at a very lower cost as compared to developed nations and the quality of service is at par compared to Western countries. Premium, experienced and trained doctors, highly helpful and experienced para-medical staff, access to the most modern facilities and enormous investment in the healthcare industry fuels an increase of the patient for disc replacement surgery in UAE. Further, rehabilitation centers are also available in the hospitals for accelerating the recovery and to monitor the condition of the patient until he leaves for his country.

What is the cost of Disc Replacement Surgery in U.A.E?

Cost of the Disc replacement surgery is lower in UAE as compared to Western countries. The cost of disc replacement surgery depends on various factors and the patients with different budgets fit into the medical arena of UAE; thanks to the availability of various hospitals with variable infrastructure and facilities. The cost of treatment depends upon the city of treatment, the infrastructure of the hospitals, facilities available, equipment to be used for surgery, type of artificial disc used, the experience of the doctor and success rate of the hospital for such surgeries. Age of the patient and underlying diseases also have an impact on the overall cost. Disc replacement surgery cost in U.A.E is approximately $13000 to $18000.

Which are the top neurosurgeons for Disc Replacement in U.A.E?

Top surgeons for Disc Replacement Surgery in UAE are:

1) Dr. Mehandi Hassan Ansari, NMC Specialty Hospital, Dubai

2) Prof. Abdul Karim Msaddi, Neuro Spinal Hospital, Dubai

3) Dr. Catalin Nicolae Majer, Neuro Spinal Hospital, Dubai

4) Dr. Walid Othman, Neuro Spinal Hospital, Dubai

5) Dr. Nahed Amro, American Spine Center, Dubai

6) Dr. Walaa Elassuity, Exeter Bone & Joint, Dubai

7) Prof. Dr. Amr El Shawar, Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery, Dubai

What is the success rate of Disc Replacement Surgery in U.A.E?

Due to its access to the modern equipment for caring the patients throughout the process of disc replacement surgery, which includes care before the surgery and after surgery, the success rate of disc replacement surgery is quite high in UAE. This surgery is successful in as many as 90% of the surgeries performed in UAE. Due to the availability of experienced doctors, the majority of which are trained in developed countries, the chances of getting the things wrong are slim. The success rate is also high due to the trained paramedical staff that looks after the patient with utmost precision and care and helps in improving the recovery and timely discharge from the hospital without any post-surgical complications.

What is the post-recovery process after the Disc Replacement Surgery in U.A.E?

The patient undergoes the recovery process under the expertise of the trained staff at the hospital. Initially, the patient feels some pain and discomfort in swallowing, thus he is kept on the liquid diet. After the surgery, the patient has to stay in the hospital for 1-2 days and are discharged from the hospital once the patient feels less or no pain and is able to speak and eat properly. The patient would be on pain medications and some antibiotics may also be prescribed to reduce the risk of infection. Some patients may also opt for a rehabilitation program to ease their way of recovery.

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