Lung Cancer Treatment in U.A.E

Lung cancer is an uncontrolled growth of cells that start off in the lungs. Usually, lung cancer starts in the cells that line the air passages. Instead of developing into healthy lung tissue, the cells divide rapidly and form tumours.

Lung Cancer Treatment in U.A.E

Lung cancer treatment is available at almost all cancer treatment hospitals in the United Arab Emirates. The country is a popular medical tourism destination in the world that provides treatment to people from all walks of life. It is estimated that more than a million patients from across the world travel to Dubai for medical treatment because of the quality of services and the availability of experienced doctors and top-notch technology.

Cost Comparison

Lung cancer treatment cost in Dubai depends on the types of treatment modalities used for the elimination of cancer cells. For example, a lung cancer patients may be required to undergo gastrectomy (removal of a portion of the lung), followed by chemotherapy and radiation therapy. In case the patient is not healthy enough to undergo a surgery or is rendered unfit for the surgery may solely comprise of radiation therapy and chemotherapy. The cost for each treatment modality used is different.

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