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With back pains becoming increasingly common in the present scenario, there arises a need to treat the same through spinal fusion surgery. Spinal fusion, however, is never the first option. It only becomes necessary when back pain cannot be resolved through medication. The surgery involves fusing two or more vertebrae in the spine to prevent movement between them, which initially had been causing pain. Spinal fusion surgery has become quite popular in recent times, owing to its leap from being utterly comprehensive to minimally invasive. Patients suffering from spinal stenosis, spinal fractures, degenerative disc disease, kyphosis, spondylosis, spondylolisthesis, and scoliosis can avail the treatment.

Though many countries offer surgery in its top hospitals, Singapore emerges as one of the top destinations for spinal fusion due to the many benefits that it provides. Be it technology, cost, quality or aftercare; the hospitals in Singapore offer the best treatment for the patients. Equipped with state of the art technology and housing internationally certified surgeons, the treatment centres in Singapore attract thousands of patients from across the globe every year.

Cost comparison

One of the main reasons why people migrate from their home countries for spinal decompression surgery in Singapore is the cost. The cost of the treatment in Singapore varies between USD 7,200 and USD 10,500, depending upon the type of hospital (public or private), the doctor performing the surgery, and the type of surgery. However, the cost of the treatment varies across countries and is expensive when compared to Singapore. The cost of the surgery is quite high in other nations, particularly the western countries, which is one of the reasons why people travel to Singapore to avail the treatment.

The cost of spinal fusion surgery in the USA ranges from USD 50,000 to USD 80,000; and if the treatment is highly advanced, the cost can even soar to USD 1, 50,000. The difference in the costs of the two countries might question the quality of spinal fusion treatment provided at the hospitals in Singapore. The reality is that the hospitals and medical centres in Singapore use the latest technology to treat patients and make sure that their ailments are being treated with the utmost care and precision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Singapore is one of the most sought after destinations for a lumbar decompression surgery, because of obvious reasons:

  • The country houses some of the best hospitals and medical centres, which are equipped with the latest technology to perform the treatment.

  • The surgeons who undertake those treatments are well-qualified in their field of specialization and provide the best care available.

  • The treatment in Singapore is aimed to enhance the quality of life of the person suffering from pain.

  • The slip disc treatment cost in Singapore is quite nominal and exhibits a high success rate.

The cost of spinal fusion surgery in Singapore is much nominal as compared to western countries. A spinal fusion treatment in Singapore will cost a patient between USD 7,200 and USD 10,500; which is 14 per cent less than the cost of the same in the USA. The inexpensive nature of the treatment is what makes Singapore an ideal destination for patients all over the world.

Singapore is the hub for some of the top hospitals in the world, where spinal fusion surgery is performed. These hospitals are JCI accredited and are equipped with the latest technology. The doctor to patient ratio is 1:1, and the treatments at these hospitals are highly successful. Here is a list of the top hospitals in Singapore for spine fusion surgery:

  • Changi General Hospital

  • Mount Elizabeth Hospital

  • National University Hospital

  • Raffles Hospital

The neurosurgeons who perform the spine fusion surgery in Singapore are internationally certified doctors holding years of experience. Here is a list of the top neurosurgeons in Singapore for a spine fusion surgery:

  • Dr. Alvin Hong

  • Dr. Tan Siah Heng James

  • Dr. Limy Yu Tang Aymeric

  • Dr. Yeo Tseng Tsai

  • Dr. David Choy Kim Seng

  • Dr. Ng Puay Yong

Singapore has been successfully conducting spine fusion surgeries from the past 3 decades, exhibiting an impressive success rate. The patients who get treated have reported having been relieved from the excruciating pain and have also recovered swiftly. The technology used during the surgery is the most recent, thus helping patients to avail quality treatment at these centres.

The advancement of technology has eliminated the need for long procedures, wherein the recovery is long and painful. In the case of spine surgery, there have been advancements, the latest being a minimally invasive spine surgery. In this type of surgery, smaller incisions are made in the spine to conduct the surgery, so that post the procedure, the patient experiences minimum pain and is in for a speedy recovery. Minimally invasive spine surgery is available in Singapore and has proven to be highly successful. The patients can contact the best spine surgeon in Singapore and get the treatment without having to pay a fortune for the same.

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