Spinal Fusion Surgery in Israel

We are living in a modern world where anything is possible it can be anything like going in space, going deep in the earth, getting a head up in technology, advanced medical treatment, and the list goes on and on up to an extent on which no one can imagine. But as stated anything is possible getting lost in space, technological effects, worse medical problems and this doesn't mean that there isn't a solution to this, every problem has a solution. Here the talk is about spinal fusion; it's a type of surgery in which the patient's spines is the thing on which the surgical process takes place. The spinal cord is also referred to as a backbone which handles all the operation of the back and acts as a central junction for pretty much every bone to meet. It starts from the medulla and goes way down to the hip joint, but this doesn't mean that it only operates that area no it has connections all over the body like the hand to arm, feet to legs than to the thigh, etc.

If one is having even a small problem in the spinal cord, then it affects the spinal cord and the body parts connected to it. So if not treated right then sometimes it can cause some serious problems like permanent disability of any body part.

When does a person require Spinal Fusion Surgery 

What causes this- Basically this is a bone problem, so the majority of this has to do with is uncertain accidents, low calcium content, tumor, genetics problem, etc. It can be from anything which can affect the bone. If not treated at the right time then this can cause permanent dysfunction of the body including the legs or the hands and sometimes permanent disability.

What is done in spinal fusion surgery- This will do whatever it takes to get the spinal cord right for the patient or the individual. Spinal fusion is done when there is a motion between the vertebrae so what it does that it eliminates the motion between it. By this absence of motion, the nerve which was getting stretched before will not stretch now. Sometimes a laminectomy is performed when a person is suffering from the pain in the legs or things apart from the spinal cord. So what this process does is that it removes the dead and diseased part out of there which are causing the pain.

Cost comparison

Cost of spinal fusion surgery varies in different countries like in USA its 110K USD, in turkey its 17K USD, in Israel its 30K USD, in Costa Rica its 15K USD and the list goes on. The costing depends on the country one is opting for and the type of surgery. There are different types of spinal surgery; some will involve the joining of two bones via welding in this type of surgery one might not feel very free as the flexibility factor is absent here. But when the surgery only involves adding or removing some fragments, then one might not need about anything. The type of surgery will mainly depend on what type of problem one is suffering from and the doctor’s prescription.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking about the surgery is an achievement in itself as people are afraid while hearing the word surgery but if seen surgery is not painful as people think it is. Patients are fully taken care of and the pain factor is absent here. Then the other reason for the people to run away from the surgery is costing as in other countries the treatment costing is so high and that worry the people. But in Israel, the costing of this spinal fusion surgery is so much low if compared with others and this doesn't mean that the costing is low then the serviceability will be low too. But no they are inversely proportional.

This depends mainly on which hospital one is opting for the spinal fusion surgery but there is not so much difference in the level of the pricing, but depending on the pricing the initial services also changes. As per the pricing goes it is around it starts from 30K USD, and it goes up to 55k USD depending upon the procedure. However, the treatment cost cannot be predicted exactly before you are thoroughly examined by the specialist

There is plenty number of top surgeons who operate surgery for spinal fusion in Israel with a reputed degree and track record. They are spread over all the hospitals in Israel like Assuta hospital, Herzilya medical centre, etc.

The success rate is around 80-90% in which it was reported that 80%-95% of the patient who was suffering from moderate to severe symptoms felt an improvement in the functioning after the surgery and around  75%-90% with the surgery reported a major improvement in back pain.

Yes, minimally invasive surgery is available in Israel in the following world-class hospitals like Sheba Medical Center, Public Hospital, Tel Hashomer, Israel, Herzliya Medical Center Private Hospital, Herzliya, Israel, and Rabin Medical Center Public Hospital, Petah Tikva, Israel.

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