Tympanoplasty or ear reconstruction surgery is a process that is done to terminate the tear in the eardrum. The surgery is performed only on the eardrum and not on the ear bones. After an examination of the eardrum which is ruptured the doctor asks you to keep patience for a maximum period of 6 weeks. The surgery is only performed after it is found out that your eardrum did not heal. A ruptured eardrum is very common among children. Though the surgery is a safe one still a patient might face bleeding and infection in the year. Apart from this, a patient can stop hearing or hear partially because of a ruptured eardrum even though he underwent surgery. You can face breathing issues.

Tympanoplasty in Singapore

If you are undergoing Tympanoplasty surgery in Singapore then the surgeon informs you not to consume anything 8 to 10 hours before the surgery. An expertized ENT surgeon performs the general anesthesia on you before proceeding with the surgery. The entire surgery will take up to 3 hours. First of all, the surgeon uses a microscope to take a closer look at your eardrum through the ear canal. If he finds that your ear canal is very tiny then he makes a slit at the back of your ear. An underlay or an overlay method can be used by your surgeon to perform the surgery. In the underlying method, the graft is kept so that it broadens under the hole. While in the overlay method the graft is placed on the outside covering of the tympanic membrane. The graft is packed using a special sheet so that the graft stays in place.

Cost Comparison

Tympanoplasty surgery cost in Singapore is $ 4,600 but the prices may vary from time to time.

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