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About the Gender Confirmation Surgery

Gender confirmation surgery is a specialized procedure performed by a team of plastic surgeons that changes the body of the candidate to conform to their internal sense of their gender.

That is, the surgery does not change their gender with which they are born at birth. Instead, the surgery aims to change their body in a way that they are better able to stay satisfied with the gender that they experience or relate to.

Therefore, gender confirmation surgery is offered to both the sexes – people who are female at birth and those who are male at birth but relate more with the opposite gender.

The procedure is also known as gender reassignment or sex-change surgery.

How is Gender Confirmation Surgery performed?

Depending on the requirement, that is whether a female to male or a male to female surgery is required, the types and number of surgeries are decided.

Female to male gender reassignment surgery includes two approaches – top surgery and bottom surgery. The top surgery includes the removal of chest tissue to reconstruct the chest so that it has a masculine appearance. The bottom surgery involves genital reconstruction in which testicular implant and phallus reconstruction may be done while the female reproductive organs are removed.

Male to female gender reassignment surgery includes top and bottom surgery as well. The top surgery involves breast augmentation to give a more feminine appearance. The bottom surgery involves penile inversion to create the vagina, labia, and clitoris and the removal of testicles and scrotum.

Some candidates may decide to do specific facial surgeries later such as facial feminization surgery.

Recovery from Gender Confirmation Surgery

  • Each hospitalization for a procedure may last anywhere from three to five days.

  • The bottom surgery may involve the placement of a catheter for about one to three weeks.

  • Candidates are advised to avoid strenuous activities, especially after bottom surgery, for a few weeks.

  • Minimal scarring is left after the surgery, which usually gets hidden in the pubic hair or is not much noticeable.

  • The incisions from the top surgery are usually healed in two to three weeks and during this time, the candidate should avoid lifting heavy objects.

  • Penetrative sexual activity is only possible after a few months of the bottom surgery.

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