Pinnaplasty or commonly referred to as ear surgery is a surgical procedure performed to resize pin down and reposition protruding ears or repair an injury to the ear. This surgery can also involve rebuilding new ears for patients who are born without lobes or don’t have lobes due to an injury It can be performed at any age but is more useful when done at a younger age.

Ear Surgery in Turkey

Ear correction surgery in Turkey is an affordable procedure performed by accredited plastic surgeons. The hospitals in Turkey are well equipped with all the latest medical advancements and skilled panel of cosmetic surgeons. The duration of the procedure is one to two hours. The staff at the hospitals are trained with the acquired skills to deal with the doubts and complications of foreign patients with proper care and considerations.

Cost Comparison

The cost of otoplasty is variable. It depends on different factors such as the type of surgery method, problems other than the prominent ears, public or private hospital, staying in hospital time, etc. Ear correction surgery in Turkey is affordable as compared to the cost in the US and the UK. The surgery costs between $3200 and $5500 whereas the cost is up to 70% less in Turkey. The lower cost of medical expenses along with the accommodation makes Turkey a favorable medical destination.

The cost of ear surgery in Turkey including advanced medical care facilities, the well-trained and experienced cosmetologists are comparable with some of the most sought of medical tourism destinations like Singapore, Thailand, India, and India. Ear surgery cost including the procedure, examination, medicines, and sight-seeing comes out to be less than one-sixth when compared with the total treatment cost offered in the US or UK.

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

2 Day in Hospital

3 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 2500


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