Ear surgery also referred as otoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to reduce the size of the ear, pinning them back closer to the head, so they have less protrusion. Apart from this, many other ear problems can be cured. The best candidate for otoplasty is children between the age of 5 -14 years.

Ear surgery in Thailand

Thailand has always been a famous tourist destination because of its beautiful beaches, and now it is becoming famous for its growing medical tourism. Treatment of ear surgery in Thailand performed by some of the most experienced and skilled cosmetologists. With the growing demand for medical tourism, Thailand is budding with medical centers. These hospitals have innovative technology like robotic surgery, world-class medical facilities, and high -end infrastructure. All these benefits are available at affordable prices making Thailand one of the preferred destination for medical tourism

Cost Comparison


Ear surgery in Thailand along with the quality of treatment, safety measures, and after-care took on par with some of the most common medical tourism destinations like Singapore, Turkey, India, and UAE. The cost of ear surgery along with the surgery, after-care, and sightseeing are available at almost half the price when compared with the cost offered in US or UK.


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