Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) cost in Turkey

Our facial skin remains exposed to sun and pollution for many hours in a day. This leads to various skin problems like acne, scars, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, dark circles, skin slack, uneven skin tone and early signs of aging. The use of harmful cosmetics that gives temporary results and hide the skin imperfections are also the cause behind the emergence of countless skin problems. Chemical peeling helps in fighting these problems and give quick results for bright and flawless skin. It makes the skin rejuvenate with the help of chemicals such as Acetic acid, Glycolic acid, and Salicylic acid, which works on skin peeling and regeneration.

Chemical Peel in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most popular medical tourism destinations, and the tourism market is growing at a very rapid pace. Hospitals in Turkey with their world-class facilities, equipped with all the latest technology are fulfilling the International standard for medical care. Surgeons, nurses, and hospital staff are qualified and well-skilled. Chemical peel performed by some of the famed cosmetologist and the aftercare, all comes at an affordable cost. Along with all these facilities, most of the international patients, club in their treatment with sight-seeing, as Turkey has numerous places to visit.

Chemical Peel Cost in Turkey

Chemical peel treatment cost in Turkey along with the quality of treatment offered is at par with some of the famous medical tourism destinations like India, Singapore, UAE, Thailand, and Hungary. Chemical peel treatment including five -star accommodation and sight-seeing cost comes to even less than one-sixth when compared with the treatment cost offered in the US or UK.

Chemical peeling is a very common procedure followed in the cosmetic world. With increased exposure to sunlight and pollution, facial skin is prone to develop acne, dark spots, and show early signs of aging. The cost of the treatment depends on various factors like the kind of treatment, the chemicals used and etc. With the best-skilled surgeons by your side, the cost of chemical peeling is highly affordable in Turkey. The average cost of a chemical peel is $186 only. This is much lesser than the cost of treatment in the US or UK.  

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country

2 No. Travelers

0 Day in Hospital

2 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from

USD 293


About the Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing)

A chemical peel is an effective way to satisfy people who are unhappy with the look and feel of their skin. It is a face peeling treatment in which a chemical is applied to the skin, which eventually “peels off” the upper layer of the skin to expose a new, fresh, and smoother layer of the skin.

Face peeling treatment is the most suitable for people who have positive and realistic expectations out of the cosmetic procedure for large pores, wrinkled skin, and scars. However, for a chemical peel to be effective, it is important that the interested candidate does not smoke, or leaves it well before undergoing this procedure.

What conditions of the skin can be treated with a chemical peel?

Chemical peel is a great cosmetic procedure for crow’s feet, acne scars, and wrinkles. Each year, thousands of patients opt chemical peel for dark skin, marks, acne and dark patches.

The following condition of the skin can be effectively treated with the help of face peeling treatment:

  • Mild scars
  • Fine lines around mouth
  • Crow’s feet and other fine lines under the eyes
  • Age Spots
  • Freckles
  • Discoloured skin and dark patches
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Age-related wrinkles
  • Melasma

A chemical peel process is best suited for people who wish to enhance the look and feel of their skin. A flawless skin is associated with a great boost in self-confidence. People who have lost the charm of their skin because of ageing or damage caused due to acne and sun exposure can look forward to this procedure to regain their youthful looks and clear complexion and to feel confident once again.

Who is the best candidate for a chemical peel?

The  best candidate for a chemical peel is someone who is fair-skinned, light-haired, and in good physical condition. However, that does not mean that chemical peel does not work well for those who have dark colored skin and hair.

People who understand this procedure well and expect smoother skin, improved texture, improve wrinkles, and reduced acne to be the end result of the procedure should opt for it.

Interested candidates should not expect this procedure to treat severe wrinkles, bulges, and sagged skin. There are other more effective cosmetic procedures for the treatment of these conditions and the cosmetologist is the best person to advise a treatment in this case.

Effectiveness of Chemical Peels

Depending on the type of chemical used, a face peeling treatment can chisel away the layers of the skin at great depths or only at superficial levels. Typically, mild scars and wrinkles, fine lines, spots, and freckles are treated with mild chemical peel, while removal of blotches, pre-cancerous growth, and coarse wrinkles may require a more deeper chemical peel.

Chemicals that peel off deeper layers of the skin are also helpful in eliminating any pre-cancerous growths that the patient may be looking forward to removal. However, there are certain aspects that the doctor may take into consideration before conducting deep chemical peel. For example, this treatment is not suitable for heart patients and people who are required to stay out in the sun as a part of their daily routine.

Glycolic peels are quite popular among people who look forward to the treatment of hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and acne. Glycolic peels consist of glycolic acid and other therapeutic ingredients to treat different conditions related to the skin.

How is Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) performed?

A chemical peel is an outpatient procedure. That is, the patient is not required to stay at the cosmetologist’s clinic or hospital overnight. During the procedure, the cosmetologist thoroughly cleans the skin of the patient before applying a layer of a selected chemical solution. The solution is applied in small patches on the target areas, as it does its work by creating wounds on the skin and removing the upper layer of the skin.

The solution could be that of glycolic acid, salicylic acid, carbolic acid, trichloroacetic acid (TCA) or any other agent. These chemicals work by destroying the targeted layer of skin and letting new skin cells emerge in its place. The chemical is selected based on the targeted depth that needs treatment. This is decided by the cosmetologist conducting the treatment. Glycolic peel and TCA peels are the two most commonly performed procedures.

Patients experience burning sensation during skin peeling. The burning and stinging sensation subside in a few minutes, and certain medications are sometimes administered to relieve the discomfort.

Recovery from Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing)

After the chemical peel, patients may experience a bit of pain, redness and sunburn-like characteristics for at least three to seven days. You may be asked to wear bandages and avoid going out in the sun completely until the skin heals completely and the new layer of skin gets used to the environment.

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Some of the most sought after doctors for Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) are:

Top Doctors for Online Consultation for Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) are:

Doctor NameCostBook Appointment
Dr. Sinan Ozturk130 USDBook Now
Dr. Bulent Cihantimur372 USDBook Now
Dr. Cenk Sen193 USDBook Now
Dr. Zeynep Sevim160 USDBook Now
Dr. Selcuk Aytac193 USDBook Now

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) cost in Turkey?

While depending upon a range of factors, the minimum cost for Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) in Turkey is USD 300. SAS, JCI, TEMOS are just some of the accreditations which top hospitals in Turkey hold where a Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) is conducted.

What are the factors affecting the cost of Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) in Turkey?

Different hospitals have different pricing policy when it comes to the cost of Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) in Turkey. The Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) package cost usually includes all the expenses related to pre and post surgery expenses of the patient. The treatment cost usually includes the expenses related to hospitalization, surgery, nursing, medicines, and anesthesia. Stay outside the package duration, post-operative complications and diagnosis of a new condition may further increase the Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) cost in Turkey.

Which are some of the best clinics in Turkey for Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing)t?

There are several best hospitals for Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) in Turkey. The following are some of the most renowned hospitals for Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) in Turkey:

  1. Acibadem Fulya Hospital
  2. Medical Park Samsun Hospital
  3. Medipol Mega University Hospital
  4. Memorial Sisli Hospital
  5. Anadolu Medical Center
  6. Medical Park Ankara Hospital
How many days does it take to recover post Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) in Turkey?

After Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) in Turkey, the patient is supposed to stay in guest house for another 2 days. During this time, the patient undergoes medical tests and consultations. this is to ensure that the treatment was successful and the patient us safe to return.

Which are some of the other popular destinations for Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing)?

Turkey is undoubtedly one of the best countries for Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) in the world. It offers the best medical expertise and good patient experience at an affordable cost. Some of the other destinations that are popular for Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) include the following:

CzechiaUSD 300
HungaryUSD 500
IndiaUSD 100
IsraelUSD 3000
LithuaniaUSD 250
MalaysiaUSD 300
PolandUSD 500
SingaporeUSD 150
South AfricaUSD 50
SpainUSD 2850
ThailandUSD 1000
TurkeyUSD 300
United Arab EmiratesUSD 250
United KingdomUSD 300
How much are the other expenses in Turkey apart from the cost of Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing)?

There are certain expenses additional to the Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) cost that the patient may have to pay for. These are the chanrges for daily meals and hotel stay outside the hospital. The extra charges may start from USD 50 per person.

Which are the best cities in Turkey for Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) Procedure?

Some of the best cities in Turkey which offer Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) are:

  1. Antalya
  2. Istanbul
  3. Ankara
  4. Fethiye
Which are the best doctors offering Telemedicine for Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) in Turkey?

Patients who are interested in availing telemedicine consultation before they travel for Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) in Turkey can opt for the same. There are many Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) surgeons who offer video telemedicine consultation, including the following:

DoctorCostSchedule Your Appointment
Dr. Cenk SenUSD 193Schedule Now
Dr. Bulent CihantimurUSD 372Schedule Now
Dr. Selcuk AytacUSD 193Schedule Now
Dr. Zeynep SevimUSD 160Schedule Now
Dr. Sinan OzturkUSD 130Schedule Now
How many days does one have to spend in the hospital for Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) in Turkey?

After the Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) takes place, the average duration of stay at the hospital is about 1 day. The patient is subjected to several biochemistry and radiological scans to see that everything is okay and the recovery is on track. After making sure that patient is clinically stable, discharge is planned.

What is the average rating of Hospitals in Turkey offering Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing)?

The average rating for Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) hospitals in Turkey is 3.6. Several parameters such as hospital infrastructure, pricing policy, quality of services, politeness of staff etc. contribute to the rating.

How many hospitals offer Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) in Turkey?

There are more than 29 hospitals that offer Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) in Turkey. The above listed clinics are approved to perform the surgery and have proper infrastructure to handle Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) patients. These hospitals comply with all the rules and regulations as dictated by the regulatory bodies and medical association in Turkey

Who are the best doctors for Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) in Turkey?

Some of the renowned medical specialists for Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) in Turkey are:

  1. Dr. Ozlem Ekiz
Which are the best hospitals in Turkey for Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) and their costs ?

Some of the top hospitals in Turkey for Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) and their associated prices:

HospitalMinimum CostMaximum Cost
Medical Park Fatih Hospital, IstanbulUSD 305USD 409
Memorial Ankara Hospital, AnkaraUSD 366USD 452
Acibadem Fulya Hospital, IstanbulUSD 368USD 460
Memorial Sisli Hospital, IstanbulUSD 323USD 427
Medical Park Trabzon Star Hospital, TrabzonUSD 313USD 403
Medicana Avcilar, IstanbulUSD 385USD 493
Bayindir Healthcare Group, AnkaraUSD 330USD 414
Liv Hospital Ulus, IstanbulUSD 310USD 412
Medipol Mega University Hospital, IstanbulUSD 357USD 481
Medical Park Ordu Hospital, OrduUSD 361USD 450
Which are the most common cities in Turkey where Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) is performed and their associated costs ?

Following is the list of cities and the associated costs for Chemical Peel (Skin Refinishing) in Turkey

CityMinimum CostMaximum Cost
AnkaraUSD 305USD 405
SamsunUSD 321USD 409
KocaeliUSD 317USD 433
KonyaUSD 309USD 427
IstanbulUSD 299USD 390
TrabzonUSD 313USD 403
BursaUSD 307USD 439
OrduUSD 361USD 450
AntalyaUSD 322USD 424
SivasUSD 324USD 426

FAQ's Related to Turkey

Which are the popular multispecialty hospital groups in Turkey?

One of the highly acclaimed destinations for medical tourism, Turkey offers a full range of high quality and affordable medical services. The country has a large pool of world-class multispecialty hospitals that offer unmatched medical treatments with high success rates and can deal with more than one specialty and offer all kinds of surgeries. Hospitals are totally committed to following international healthcare standards and medical protocols in order to ensure quality treatment and complete patient safety. There are several renowned multispecialty hospitals in Turkey and these are:

  1. Emsey Hospital, Pendik,
  2. Kolan International Hospital, Istanbul,
  3. Acibadem Hospitals Group
  4. American Hospital, Istanbul,
  5. Florence Nightingale Hospital, İstanbul,
  6. Medipol University Hospital, İstanbul,
  7. Anadolu Medical Center, Kocaeli,
  8. Smile Hair Clinic, Istanbul.
What healthcare accreditation standards are followed in Turkey?

Hospitals in Turkey adhere to the quality standards set by Joint Commission International (JCI), a major healthcare accrediting body in the country. JCI was founded to ensure the quality served by the health organizations. The standards act as a framework for hospitals to meet international healthcare standards and focus on the quality of care and patient safety. The standards require regular monitoring of critical events related to treatments and offer a comprehensive corrective action plan for ensuring quality culture at all levels.

Why should I opt for healthcare in Turkey?

Factors like excellent healthcare infrastructure, world-class hospitals, best doctors, and advanced Turkey technology are some of the reasons which make Hungary one of most favored destinations for seeking treatment. Cost of medical treatments, consultation costs, and cost of medicines are less in Turkey. Hospitals and healthcare centers in Turkey meet Western standards of healthcare. Doctors in Turkey are highly qualified and trained, and most doctors trained in America and Europe prefer to practice and take up their residency.

What is the quality of doctors in Turkey?

Turkey houses the best doctors in the world who strive to ensure quality medical care and complete patient satisfaction. They have received quality education at premier institutions and have comprehensive training. Turkey houses some of the world’s best doctors who ensure excellent treatment results, which is mainly attributed to their deep subject knowledge and holistic treatment approach. Doctors in Turkey are highly experienced and board-certified who ensure top-quality care to their patients.

When traveling to Turkey for medical treatment, what essential documents do I need to carry along?

When traveling to Turkey for medical treatment, medical tourists need to carry documents like passport copies, residence/ driver’s license/ bank statement/ details of Health insurance, test reports, records, doctor referral notes. Packing plays an important role when you are traveling to another country for seeking medical treatment. Making a list of all the essential things you might need and checking them before leaving the house will ensure your trip gets off to a good start. The required documents may vary as per your destination, so please check before traveling.

What are the popular procedures available in Turkey?

The most popular procedures available in Turkey are

  1. Ophthalmic surgery,
  2. Dental treatments,
  3. Plastic surgery,
  4. Hair transplant,
  5. IVF,
  6. Hematological oncology,
  7. Stem cell transplantation,
  8. Dermatological treatment,
  9. Bariatric surgery,
  10. Kidney transplant.

The popular procedures in Turkey are available at an affordable price and have a success rate. With best-in-class doctors, the hospitals in Turkey offer world-class treatments in almost every therapeutic areas. The popular procedures available in Turkey have received worldwide attention due to high success rates, affordable cost, and safe treatments.

Which are the most popular cities in Turkey for medical treatment?

Some of the most popular medical tourist destinations in Turkey are Ankara, Istanbul, and Antalya. Thousands of medical tourists visit these cities every year for availing treatment at the best hospitals which provide affordable medical care with world-class facilities, excellent patient care. Turkey with a number of world-class cities attracts almost one million medical tourists every year due to several reasons like world-class infrastructure, transportation facilities, availability of medical visas, and a wide range of food options. Turkey has always been a popular tourist destination with cities full of history and mesmerizing sandy beaches.

What are the other facilities provided by hospitals in Turkey?

Hospitals in Turkey offer all modern facilities to patients to ensure that get treatment in a comfortable environment which helps in speedy recovery. Facilities that are available at hospitals in Turkey include visa assistance, travel arrangements, airport transfers, coordination of all medical appointments, accommodations for patients and companions, international staff translators, shopping and recreational options, Internet with wi-fi, mobile sim cards, lockers, and multiple food options. Hospitals in Turkey help international patients at all stages of their treatment journey, right from queries, preparations for their travel, arrival, visit of the hospital, and follow-up care.

Do hospitals in Turkey accept health insurance?

Healthcare organizations in Turkey accept health insurance. If you have any health insurance that is internationally valid, please inform the hospitals about it. You need to check with your insurance company in your country whether the procedure you want to avail is covered at the hospital in Turkey. An approved insurance provider needs to provide Guarantee of Payment to the hospital to start your treatment cashless.