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Profile (Overview)

The concept for this specialized clinic was framed in 2012 and after a year of hard work and R&D, the clinic was established in 2013 with the slang of ‘Be As You Like’. Turkeyana Clinic was licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Health, as a medical tourism service provider. It now has more than 5 years of experience as a self-contained center. Turkeyana Clinic, which strives for excellence, has been certified locally and globally by some of the most prestigious medical organizations. The clinic focuses on the complete appearance rather than just what has to be improved in the body and offers the best options for achieving a beautiful natural look. It considers aesthetic medicine as a one-of-a-kind work of art that must be customized for each individual.

The Turkeyana clinic provides you with a variety of cosmetic choices, both surgical and non-surgical, performed by highly qualified, skilled, and exceptional professionals. The clinic offers a fantastic staff of Cosmetic/Plastic surgeons and Dentists that have a lot of expertise in dealing with people and their aspirations. The medical team of Turkeyana Clinic is comprised of doctors that are highly qualified in their disciplines, have more than 10 years of experience, and are certified by the Turkish Ministry of Health. Three types of treatments are catered to patients in the clinic- Hair transplants, Cosmetic & Plastic surgeries, and Dental procedures. Featured Services of the clinic are Breast Augmentation, Hair Transplant, Body Lifting, and Rhinoplasty. Turkeyanas are trendsetters in the local market while understanding other people, and recognizing self-transformation power. They have gathered all tools there is in the cosmetic medical field; technologically and medically speaking, to pave the road and guide others to a better healthier life.

At Turkeyana, experts measure the clinic’s success according to their client's satisfaction. With 98% satisfied clients, and more than 96% successful cosmetic operations, they consider this average is the proof of success. To date, the clinic has achieved great numbers of performing procedures such as 2150+ cosmetic dentistry, 15300+ hair transplants, 4400+ plastic surgeries, 6000+ cosmetic treatments. Year by year, Turkeyana is confident that these numbers will grow rapidly. For patients’ convenience and education, the clinic has also launched a Turkeyana Guidebooks (treatment-specific). 

Facilities Provided:

  • Accommodation
  • Airport Transfer
  • Interpreter

Hospital (Infrastructure)

  • The indoor area of the Turkeyana clinic is one of the largest and incredibly designed in the local market clinics.
  • It has well-equipped operating theatres which are designed as per the comfort of the patients.
  • International patients are serviced well with remarkable services related to therapy and diagnostics.
  • The clinic’s healthcare staff is multi-lingual, trained & experienced in providing a standard of care to the patients.

Hospital Location

Zeytinlik, Turkeyana Clinic, Bakrk

Hospital Awards

  • Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey in 2019 - Awarded by IMTJ Medical Travel Awards. The clinic was recognized for its exceptional hair transplant services.
  • Best Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Turkey in 2018 - Awarded by European Business Awards. The clinic was recognized for its quality of cosmetic surgery treatments and exceptional patient care.
  • Best Medical Tourism Clinic in Turkey in 2017 - Awarded by Luxury Travel Guide Awards. The clinic was awarded for its exceptional medical tourism services.
  • Best Aesthetic Surgery Clinic in Turkey in 2016 - Awarded by 2016 Medical Travel Awards. The clinic was recognized for its outstanding services and exceptional aesthetic surgery treatments.
  • Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Europe in 2015 - Awarded by International Medical Tourism Journal. The clinic was recognized for its quality of hair transplant treatments and exceptional patient care.

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