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Liver transplant is the last resort to diseases causing problems in the liver's functioning. A human liver is a gland located near the stomach and assists in the digestive process. The liver is also an active participant in the human body for filtering the blood. The liver is a vital organ of the human body that performs over 500 roles in daily functioning. Such a vital organ is needed to be in perfect condition for a quality life. The liver is the only organ in the human body that can regenerate. A human cannot live without a liver but can survive with a part of the liver.

With a lot of functioning and responsibilities, the liver often becomes vulnerable to diseases. Some diseases are minor that can be treated with medications — however, some diseases like Cirrhosis, Hepatitis, and Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC). Alcohol is the main catalyst to liver problems as the liver is the main organ that filters alcohol from the blood. Liver cancer is another major disease caused by alcohol abuse. Most of these are incurable in the end- stage. PSC does not even have a proven cure yet. The only method remaining is a Liver transplant.  Under a liver transplant, a new healthy liver (either from a living donor or a deceased donor) is transplanted into the patient after thorough tests and compatibility checks.

Liver transplantation is on the rise for a few decades. The main reason is the unhealthy lifestyle habits being adopted irresponsibly by people around the world. Alcohol and drug abuse are on the rise causing liver cancer and subsequent liver failures. With developments in Medical Sciences, more and more patients can be saved with timely transplantation. Organ transplant is a booming market today. Singapore has developed the most in terms of organ transplantation. If you are suffering from liver diseases, Singapore is a place for consulting world-class experts and pioneers of Liver treatments.

Singapore has always been one step ahead when it comes to transplant. It is one of the top Asian countries with several transplantation records in its name. The first liver transplant was performed in September 1990. It was a successful transplant from a deceased person to a healthy lady. The patient lives normal and healthy to this day. Since the first transplant, Singapore hospitals have constantly improved their technology and expertize in liver transplants. Singapore is the first South-East Asian country to perform a living donor liver transplant with incompatible blood groups in 2017. Singapore also boasts the achievement of successfully performing Asia’s first combined heart-liver transplant in 2009. With a continuous strive for new milestones; Normal liver transplants are a normal and easy process for renowned experts working in Singapore hospitals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you already live in countries like India, Mexico, and Jordan, then you have a better chance of getting cost-efficient treatments in the homeland. Traveling to distant lands for treatment can add up to expenses. If money is tight, you should understand that travel expenses can be a problem too. However, if you are looking for effective and successful treatment and have enough budget, Singapore is definitely the right choice for you.

In terms of health condition, Being a good candidate requires healthy lung and heart functioning. A person who can withstand the kickbacks of surgery is allowed to undergo this transplantation. Also, a liver transplant is only performed if no medications have worked on the disease.

The costs of liver transplant vary with the type of the medical institute. The average costs in a private institution can range from 300 to 350 thousand US dollars. A government-owned institute can provide these treatments at much lower costs of 50 to 100 thousand US dollars. The rates are converted from Singapore dollars to American dollars.

Singapore has been an active participant in the development of transplantation technologies. The country has set several milestones in various organ transplant surgeries. Singapore is undoubtedly among the best choice of liver transplant in Asia. The world-class infrastructure and highly skilled medical experts with years of experience have increased the success rate of liver transplants to staggering heights. The cost of liver transplants is low, and the doctors even perform living donor transplants, if required.

The liver transplant methods and technologies have greatly evolved in Singapore since 1990. With its first transplant a success, the country’s overall success rate kept on improving with time. Today, the average success rates of liver transplants in Singapore stands at 80%. Many clinics have reported a success rate as high as 87 to 90%. These figures induce positivity among patients, which plays a crucial role in the recovery process.

Singapore is home to several world-renowned hospitals, and people come from all over the world for treatments. There are government-owned medical institutes and private medical institutions. SGH (Singapore General Hospital) is a government-owned hospital known throughout the world for liver transplantation surgeries. The surgeons of SGH were the ones who performed the country's first liver transplant, South-East Asia's first living donor liver transplant with incompatible blood groups and Asia’s first combined heart-liver transplant. SGH is among the best in Asia.

There are private liver transplantation centers in the country that provide even better facilities than SGH. Mount Elizabeth Hospital is one such institute known worldwide for a high success rate in liver transplants. However, being a private institute, the costs are comparatively higher than the SGH.

There are many surgeons and consulting doctors in Singapore providing excellent treatment services either under an institution or privately. Dr CK Leow is a well known and highly qualified private practitioner in Singapore. He expertizes in the bile duct, endoscopy and liver surgeries. He is a reputed liver transplant surgeon in Singapore. Dr. Lee Kang Hoe, working for Asian American Liver Centre, is another experienced surgeon in Singapore known for his success in fields of Liver transplants to cure cancer effectively.

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