Kidney Transplant in Singapore

The cost of Kidney Transplantation significantly various in Singapore due to its dependency on various factors. The cost of renal transplantation depends upon the type of hospital, its years of experience in Kidney transplantation, cost of organ harvest, cost of medications during pre- and post-operative care, comorbid medical conditions, duration of hospitalization and frequency of hospital visit for a routine check-up. The current total cost of Kidney Transplant in Singapore starts from USD 75000. It also depends upon the age of the patients as patients with a younger age are more likely to recover as compared to the elderly. Kidney transplantation is a complex process and besides surgery, the cost also involves various medical tests for checking the compatibility of recipient and donor. The cost significantly varies between a standard transplant and a costlier ABO-incompatible transplant.

Kidney transplant in Singapore is the best available treatment for patients suffering from end-stage kidney disease. A kidney transplant is preferred over dialysis in Singapore because of the associated benefited. A kidney transplant offers a lot more freedom to patients as they no longer need to make a routine visit to the doctor anymore for dialysis and can eat a variety of foods. There are many hospitals in Singapore that conduct kidney transplants.

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Kidney transplantation has always an edge over dialysis in terms of improved quality of life and longevity. The patient, after the kidney transplant, gets rid of a regular visit for dialysis and diet restrictions are lifted. Singapore has been emerging as a favorite destination for kidney transplantation. Apart from the sophisticated technology and customized post-operative care, expert surgeons and relaxation in-laws have added fuel to the growth of this surgery in Singapore. From the first kidney transplantation, way back in 1970, the country has gained expertise and access to the world’s advanced scientific knowledge, particularly in this arena of medical surgery. Singapore has the pride to be the first in transplanting a kidney from the incompatible blood group donor. Singapore is also one of the priority places when it comes to unrelated donor renal transplantation. Various super-specialty hospitals are performing a kidney transplant in Singapore.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Singapore, a global hub for healthcare, is also one of the fastest emerging destinations for medical tourism; thanks to affordable medical costs as compared to many developing and developed nations. The country, in recent times, has relaxed its laws for kidney transplantation which bypasses the tedious and lengthy process, seen in some other countries. Highly sophisticated technology, huge infrastructure, most modern facilities, and excellent post-operative care makes it one of the best places for renal transplantation. ABO incompatible renal transplant is done in Singapore with an exceptional success rate. Various hospitals have performed renal surgeries which are first-in-their-class such as combined liver and kidney transplant, simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplant, and living paired exchange kidney transplant. The surgeons are experienced and have an advanced degree in renal transplantation. The increased survival rate of patients with renal transplant has boosted the confidence in other patients, who are keen to make their way to Singapore for better treatment.

Cost of Kidney transplantation in Singapore is affordable as compared various other countries. The average cost of renal transplantation in Singapore is USD 75000- USD100000, however, the cost depends on various factors such as:

•    Type of hospital

•    Surgeons expertise and experience

•    Testing charges

•    Organ harvest cost

•    Surgery charges

•    Cost of medications

•    Duration of hospital stay

•    The frequency of follow-up visit

•    Doctor’s consultation charges

•    Standard or ABO incompatible surgery

•    Rate of recovery

Cost of the renal transplantation in Singapore is competitive when taken into account its modern healthcare system, sophisticated machinery including robotic system, expert and renowned surgeons, and proper care before and after surgery.

Various hospitals in Singapore are providing renal transplantation services. Almost all the hospitals are equipped with the latest facilities and highly qualified staff comprising surgeons, anesthesiologist, physicians, intensivists and supporting healthcare professionals. Some of the hospitals are the pioneer in advanced renal transplantation with first-in-class surgeries.

Following are the top hospitals for kidney transplantation in Singapore:

•    National University Centre for Organ Transplantation (NUCOT)

•    The Singapore Clinic for Kidney Diseases

•    Mount Elizabeth Hospital

•    NKF Centre

•    Francisco Kidney & Medical Centre

Singapore has various renowned and experienced kidney transplant surgeons which are awarded various advanced degrees and certifications in renal medicine and transplantations. Following are the top kidney transplant surgeons in Singapore:

•    Dr. Francisco Salcido-Ochoa, Francisco Kidney & Medical Centre

•    Dr. Loh Ping Tyug, The Singapore Clinic for Kidney Diseases

•    Dr. Pary Sivaraman, The Singapore Clinic for Kidney Diseases

•    Dr. Akira Wu Yik Tian, Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Organ transplantation in Singapore i regulated through the Human Organ Transplantation Act (HOTA), which allows for the removal and transplantation of kidneys, heart, liver and corneas. People in Singapore can also pledge their organs for transplantation, education and research under The Medical (Therapy, Education and Research) Act (MTERA). Part IVA of HOTA also allows the living donor to donate kidney and liver, provided there should be a written authorization of the hospital’s transplant ethics committee, and the continued consent of the donor.

The success rate of kidney transplantation differs in live donor and deceased donor for the survival rate of more than 10 years. An estimation suggests that 1-year and 5-year survival rate in both the categories is more than 90% while a 10-year survival rate is above 90% in live donor category while it was above 80% in deceased donor category.

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